"Dance is the hidden language of the Soul."

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Today, I want to talk with you about the dreaded “T” word.  Have you heard it?

TrainingThe “T” word = Training.

Nobody – at least no sane person that I know – actually enjoys training.  They enjoy adventures, big events, competitions, etc.  But the process leading up to it (i.e. Training) is really hard and not a lot of fun.

But here’s the thing about training: if you want to be successful in your next adventure or competition, you have to do it.

So, if you have to do, shouldn’t you do it in a way that makes sense for you?

For years now, I’ve been helping people figure out their natural way to train and get exercise and care for their bodies.

And over the years, my clients are usually dominant in two of the following styles . . . click through to take a quick survey and see if any of them resonate with you.

Body Awe, Body Awareness…

DancingMany health and wellness experts extol the extraordinary fitness of professional dancers. All professional performers, athletes, and competitors rely on their bodies to support them on stage. Their professional success depends upon their body’s ability to express their talent. The exceptional performance begins within, however, depends on the external demonstration of their gift.

For a moment, please consider your body’s perspective. Your body is an animate, energetic, and functional machine supporting your mind, emotions, and spirit to make it through your day fulfilling your obligations, taking care of your responsibilities, and enabling your performance of everything you do.

When your professional or personal activities result in compliments, rewards, applause, or simply satisfaction, to whom do you give the credit? If you’re a dancer (or an athlete), your body receives a large amount of appreciation from the rest of you.  If you are a professional, a manager, a sole proprietor, spouse, caretaker, teacher or health care worker, you acknowledge your intelligence, your training, your innate ability, your passion for the position—rarely, if ever, do you appreciate your physical self for delivering the results you’re so proud of? Dancers do…Applause


Making the body first priority is natural for those whose livelihoods depend on their physicality and ability to deliver a performance on demand. Particularly true regardless of whatever else is going on in their lives emotionally, psychologically, or intellectually. If the kids are sick, the debtors calling, parental criticism, car won’t start, a full moon, whatever…the show must go on…and that depends on their ability, physical ability, to show up. Regardless of personal distractions, their professional commitments rely on their bodies to fulfill them.

While we cannot control the inevitable results of the aging process, we can maintain many of our physical attributes: strength, flexibility, and energy. Certain elements decline with the passage of time; however the rate of decline as well as the amount of decline can be managed providing we pay attention to our bodies.

Spot on….

Alert and HappyDancers’ edge relates directly to dancers’ awareness of what’s going on INSIDE their bodies, as well as what’s going on in their environment. A technique ballet dancers use to orient themselves is called “spotting”. (Ice skaters have adopted this strategy to maintain their relationship to where they are on the ice.) Prior to beginning a spin, the dancer/skater selects a spot on a nearby wall to direct their focus.

A laser stare keeps the dancer’s head in place as their bodies pivot in a tight circle. Just before the body returns to the starting point, the dancer’s head whips around to re-align itself with the body there. The “spotting” allows the dancer to rotate as many times as the choreography dictates. This dual awareness merges the physical self with the intellectual and spiritual self in a perfect internal unity. At the same time, the totality of the person identifies its placement in the room, on the stage, in their environment.

The dancer’s orientation is perfect within their body and in their environment. The audience observes this unity with respect bordering on awe, because of the perfection visible in the performance.

“Happy feet” refers to every aspect of your body…

If you can move any part of your body, you can and you do, dance. It’s more about attitude than it is about ability. Happy feet happen at any age—and are not necessarily restricted to your feet. Happy feet, too, is an attitude applied to every physical aspect of your body.

Dancers have “happy feet” when their performance lives up to or exceeds their expectations. When that happens, the dancer attributes it to their body’s leadership in aligning the other elements (spirit, knowledge, muscle memory) to create the awesome, almost an out-of-body experience of beyond perfection into the ephemeral.

For the rest of us the experience of physical, mental and spiritual unity is often described as “being in the zone”, “on the top of your game”, “awesome”. And when that happens, how often do we give credit to the body that brought us to the dance in the first place.

Body Awareness leads to Body Awe…

To achieve the dancer’s edge, follow the dancer’s lead. Begin with awareness of your body: if your body is healthy, then your body supports you. Actions, thoughts, inspirations begin within. As soon as you become aware of your body’s messages, your enhanced awareness provides guidance for your choices.

Awareness of your body guarantees personal and professional success. Listening to your body provides the dancer’s edge when it’s time to make decisions, take the first step, “spot”  prior to the spin in your office, your home, anywhere in your life.

The essential elements of success are demonstrated in the Dancer’s Edge: the who, what, where, and why are explained in the article above. The how is up to you…learn to talk to your body, learn to listen to your body, learn to perform at your peak…with perfection!

Body Talk opens the door to the open exchange of information between you and your body. To learn more about the “how”, click

The most important relationship in your life is the one you were born with: you and your body. At birth you were one with your body.


Not so much.

So as an infant when you were hungry, tired, cold, wet, gassy or grumpy you expressed yourself immediately to alert your caregivers to pay attention and “fix it”, make it better immediately!  Sometimes your body’s advocacy brought immediate and appropriate responses to fulfill your need, relieve your discomfort, and make you feel better. Other times your body’s alerts brought little or no response from your caregivers. Regardless of the response, your body’s actions always expressed your comfort level…your relationship was pure, direct and truthful. You and your body were one, a unit always acting in your best interest for mutual benefit.

As you matured, your body’s communications to you were censored by your caregivers. Part of being “socialized” meant ignoring your body’s needs in favor of what was “expected” of you and your behavior.  As the process progressed, your separation from your body increased as you learned to deny her input, ignore her physical sensations, and her “gut” feelings.  Without being aware of the immediate honest feedback from your body, your estrangement widened until your best friend became your worst enemy.

At first you focused on what you considered imperfections you saw in the mirror, and then you covered them up with clothing, make-up, hair styles—or plastic surgery. Regardless of your efforts, your feelings remained the same. Your attitude, your perception toward your body increased your dissatisfaction, your disappointment, and resentment perhaps leading to hatred for parts or all of her.  Your body’s response to the increasing abandonment by her best friend is to make the situation worse, by expressing exactly what disturbs you about her—only this time with exaggeration.

Do the words ‘yo-yo’ dieting have meaning?

Your body is as unique as you are. His or her personality is as individual as you are. Your life experiences helped mold you to become the person you are today. Your body also experienced the events, celebrations, relationships, challenges and opportunities that make up your history. Your body’s experience differed from yours as did his or her reaction to those experiences. Were you ever aware of the difference? If so, how did your body’s reaction affect you? Take a moment to remember a significant event in your life and then consider your physical reaction to it.  Did your body support you or did he or she betray you? It doesn’t matter if the experience was “positive” or “negative” only that it affected you physically as well as emotionally or psychologically. And sometimes the physical reaction was expected because of the quality of the experience, i.e. excitement and joy at your wedding. And sometimes your body reacted in an opposite way from what you expected, i.e. nausea, headache and chills at your wedding. (So the marriage ended in divorce within the year).

The Introduction…It’s never too late to get to know your body as the personality he or she is, because it’s never too late to save the relationship that began at birth.  An awareness of your connection, a willingness to risk befriending the physical self you perhaps have ignored, abused, or simply dismissed since your youth. No need to apologize for your absence, since your body has been, is, and will always be your best friend and BFFs (Best Friends Forever) accept each other for who they are with understanding, not judgment or criticism.

Become aware of your body for an hour, a day, a week. After you are comfortable with your body, that means acceptance without judgment or criticism for your body’s shape, condition, or current health, introduce yourself.

Welcome your body back into your life on a minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, every-day basis. Listen for your body’s input into your choices, decisions, and timing.  Note what happens when you return to trusting your “gut” rather than the “chatter” from your ego.

When you heed the physical input from your body, what happens?

When you ignore the message, what happens?

When your ego trumps your gut, what happens?

“Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…” (Rogers & Hammerstein, The King and I)

Awareness is always the first step to ending the estrangement with your body.  An introduction requires a name. And like most names, it can change as your relationship changes, becomes deeper, more trusting, more reliable, more expressive. Communication continues through conversation. Part of the conversation is the dance when the magic of motion brings it all together.

This is the core concept of the Body Knowledge System®, my successful sustainable solution to every body’s life goals, desires, and achievements. I developed this over two decades of health and wellness practice and training.  My clients revealed to me my own secret: ending the estrangement with your body, as I had. Now it’s your turn to end your estrangement with your body and get what you want in life: healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit in order to enjoy love and life to the fullest.

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Body Knowledge System along with the book “The Body Knowledge System, An Awesome Intelligence”, tells you all you need to know about ending the estrangement between you and your body. Let me guess, you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “estrangement”, especially when I am referring to you and your body, do you?

Estrangement is all about separation. Your body and you, your physical self and your personality self. Your body and you, your physical self and your intellectual self. And lastly, your physical self and your spiritual self. When all aspects of you are united, you will discover your life becomes easier, you are focused, you are successful, and you are happy!

When you end your estrangement between you, all the parts of you, and your body through the practice of Body Knowledge System, all the benefits of body knowledge become yours!

So what can you do in this moment? See and acknowledge ‘your body’ as a separate entity. This will help you to recognize her (even though we know we are whole- mind, body, spirit). So what can you do for ‘her’ … for your body today and tomorrow?

Share your thoughts with me.

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