"Did you bring your body with you?"

Have you noticed how much “body shaming” is happening in our culture lately?

Body shame

It is not OK to Body Shame!

Social Media promotes Body Bullying!

To stop Body Shaming…Begin with your body!

While the rise of social media has had damaging effects, it has also empowered many women (and men!) to stand up against the bullies.

Alone, we are a single voice of protest.

Together, we are a chorus of positive energy pushing back against the attempted tyranny of the body bullies!

Positive Energy

So, what are the next steps?

As the founder of the Body Knowledge System®, I’m here to help restore our integrity as we move from body shame to body awe*!  My website guides women who want to progress from Body Shame to Body Awe through the successful application of my body knowledge system.

*Body Awe means respect filled with wonder when considering our body.

“AWESOME”  Current culture uses “awesome” to describe the very best of the best.  Notice the “we” in that word.

And even more practically . . . what are the practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to make this a reality?

Learn how Body Shaming can be erased forever with the Body Knowledge System® with Coach Stephanie Wood, PCC.

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Body Shame → Body Acceptance → Body Confidence →

Body Awe!


I have noticed that the average American woman is a size 16-18 and you may have experienced the media trying to convince you otherwise. If you look around at magazines and billboards, you’d assume the average woman in America is a size 2.

For decades women sizes 16 and up have been forced to shop different styles, in a different section of the store. Maybe you’ve felt that division. Whether you’ve been less than appreciative of being labeled as “plus size” or you’ve found yourself relieved that you didn’t have to shop the plus section, you’ve experienced an unhealthy divide based on your size as a woman.


Imagine With Me…


Can you imagine if, in the grocery store, certain foods were manufactured and sold for some customers, but not for others? That would be ridiculous! Thankfully, things are changing and clothing stores are beginning to agree.

For example, “It has just been reported that Kmart will label their signs saying plus size section to the “Fabulously Sized” section. Even better, they’re now offering their regular sized clothes in an extended range, to get rid of the separate sections all together.

Kelly Cook, Kmart’s chief marketing director told newscasters, “Fashion is ageless, shapeless and weightless. We want to be inclusive and empower women to find apparel that makes them look and feel good, and be whoever they want to be.”



An inside Tip


Isn’t it interesting to notice the impact that words have on how we feel about ourselves and our bodies?

Say out-loud ‘plus size’ or visualize the sign in a store and THEN say or visualize ‘fabulously sizes’.

A  big, big difference. Yes?

Words create thoughts which create beliefs that can empower you with better body confidence or bring into negative places.


By the way:


For more interesting conversations and tips to enhance your body confidence, check out some of my radio episodes. My partner in crime is Debi Talbert where we bring in my body Knowledge System ® principles sprinkled with Law of Attraction principles.

The conversations are short and sweet to get you into the habit of enjoying your body’s know-how.

You are probably ready to learn and discover more body confidence techniques.

Slowly, our world is becoming more accepting of real women and their various shapes and sizes. What about your world? Is your mind and heart a safe place for you? Learn to eliminate judgements, limitations and hurtful messages which could be are holding you back?

Bravo! To all of us taking the lead with this body confidence movement


Project Runway’s New Look: Real Bodies, Real Women, and Real Life


Hi, it’s Body Confidence Coach Stephanie here!

I’m in the business of helping women love their bodies. When Project Runway recently announced they’d have models size 0-22 walking their runway this season, I considered it a huge media win!

Finally, this popular show recognized that a runway full of impossibly thin models wasn’t healthy. As Heidi Klum said on this season’s first episode, a truly gifted designer must be able to dress women as they appear in the real world: a diverse range of shapes and sizes.


You as a Runway Model


Can you imagine what it would have been like to work as a runway model on previous seasons?

My guess is…you can.

Maybe your paycheck doesn’t depend on your pant size, but does your sense of self-worth? Your confidence level when you walk into a room and Your ability to feel worthy in relationships?


How I Can Help

If you identified with any of the above, The Body Knowledge System® is for you.

I use my Body Knowledge methodology to help you stop resisting you own Self Confidence and body worthiness.

One of my favorite sections of the Body Knowledge System® Playbook talks about your Body’s voice. As you have internalized the pressure to look a certain way, you’ve become estranged to your own body’s voice and begun to listen to the voice of the media, your peers and other outside pressures.

Maybe you’ve tried to improve your body image before, with little success. That’s because you haven’t truly joined forces with your body.


Try this Simple Practice


You might be able to say, “I am alive” while you’re sitting down, but when you say those same words as you move from sitting to standing, they feel more powerful, don’t they? That’s because you joined forces with your body!

The Body Knowledge System® will teach you to live your life with that same energy. You’ll no longer dictate over your body, you’ll learn to dance with her. This dance will allow you to pursue your life’s passions with joy.

What Are You Waiting For!?!

Project Runway has recognized that it’s time for models to listen to their own voices, not the voice of the industry.

Size 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 models will have the body confidence necessary to successfully model in front of a nationally televised audience.

Now, it’s your turn. Whatever size or shape you are, why not take advantage of my simple, sustainable tools and techniques.

Practicing the Body Knowledge System® will release your inner body confidence and rock your life like it’s your very own runway.

 Gift :FREE ebook now

Better yet, contact me- Coach Stephanie, to start your strut down the runway of your life!

It’s Coach Stephanie with some Body Confidence insights:

Have you ever thought, “If I could just feel better about my body, I would finally be happy?”


Well, according to a recent study by Chapman University, you might be right.

Survey Says…

The study surveyed over 12,000 Americans and studied factors like personality, feelings about romantic relationships, and overall self-esteem to determine whether they are linked to satisfaction with appearance and weight.

The study showed links between body satisfaction and the factors the researchers studied, but that wasn’t all.

“Our study shows that men’s and women’s feelings about their weight and appearance play a major role in how satisfied they are with their lives overall,” said David Frederick, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University and lead author on the study.


Here’s The Bad News:


Sadly, only half the participants reported feeling somewhat to extremely satisfied with their bodies. According to Dr. Frederick, these findings are consistent with our society’s emphasis on an athletic appearance for men and a thin appearance for women.

He said, “It would seem therefore, that we still have a long way to go before we achieve the goal of Americans being truly happy with their bodies.”

What’s more, the study found that the more TV a person watched, the less happy they were with their bodies. Why? because they were comparing themselves to an impossible ideal portrayed in the media.

It’s interesting that Dr. Frederick simply noted that we should work toward being truly happy with our bodies. And you ask yourself ’how do I this?’



So, How Do We Get Started?


I encourage you to start with a new body ideal. Instead of telling our bodies how they should look, what if we let our bodies tell us? What if we learned to take care of ourselves by listening to our bodies’ intelligence?

Come on board! My Body Knowledge System® will help you connect with your body ( yes ! I want you to come on board). You’ll learn to care for yourself in a way that honors your unique makeup and needs.

Does this system sound too simple? Well it is simple and sustainable and doable. Let’s end the estrangement between you and your body and re unite with him/her ( I enjoy sharing my life’s work with you and delight in seeing you have a renewed relationship with your body. It’s fun!)

As you grow to love and listen to your body, you will look and feel your best. And like the study says, true body confidence will leave you feeling happier than ever.

Taking notice of the image allows you and your body to create a positive reaction, and therefore attract what you appreciate about her  or something better, into your life.


Wouldn’t it be nice and exciting to make this body knowledge a part of your daily practices?


A  Body Confidence Coaching partnership with me is something to consider

**Practicing this Body Knowledge System® creates a space for you to practice Body Confidence. Let me know.

Bonus: Listen to radio shows I have created with Debi Talbert that gives different perspectives of body confidence that are honest and filled with ways of encouraging yourself to live your healthy lifestyle with humor and sustainability.

Body confidence group conversations at

To you – and your body’s – freedom,

Coach Stephanie

How to Treat Your Body as a Person,
not an Object.

All media objectifies the people in it. They create an image designed to promote their message, sell their product, and invite comparison between their ideal presentation and your less-than-perfect reality.

It’s that comparison that creates the painful feelings within you by intimidation.

I encourage you to apply this specific Body Knowledge System® technique that when you are confronted by a beautiful, fit, young, model on screen, on the page, or on the billboard, you know how to give yourself Body Confidence. It’s easy to express yourself to another person if/when you have a reaction to an image. When that person is your BFF, as your body will be after you understand and practice the Body Knowledge System®, your potentially negative reaction to the object before your eyes will automatically become a positive appreciation of her personal assets.


Objective Image vs. Living Breathing Beautiful Body


Media imagery is a two dimensional, impersonal, cold, representation of a multi-dimensional, personal, warm, real human being. There is no reason to compare a flat copy to an energetic being, as there can be no comparison!

Consider this: there is energy present when you and your body have a positive, objective reaction to the image you observe, notice.

Clearly, if the image attracted your notice, there is something positive associated with it: beauty, health, life style. That’s why you and your body “Allow” it into your consciousness.


Prior to sliding into the negativity of comparison, hit the “STOP!” button.
Check in with your body.



Taking notice of the image allows you and your body to create a positive reaction, and therefore attract what you appreciate about it, or something better, into your life.

Wouldn’t it be nice and exciting to make this body knowledge a part of your daily practices?

A Body Confidence Coaching partnership with me is something to consider

**Practicing this Body Knowledge System® creates a space for you to practice Body Confidence. Let me know.

Bonus: Listen to radio shows I have created with Debi Talbert that gives different perspectives of body confidence that are honest and filled with ways of encouraging yourself to live your healthy lifestyle with humor and sustainability.


How do you show up in your life?


Let me explain what I mean.


Weight Watchers Program


Have you seen the newest Weight Watchers commercial?

In it, Oprah interviews a woman who has recently lost weight using the Weight Watchers program. Now that the woman has finally achieved thinness, Oprah asks, “How do you show up in your life?”

To be honest, I don’t even remember the woman’s answer, because I got so caught up in the question.


Why do we wait to ask someone how they show up in their life now that the weight is gone? And what happens if she stops Weight Watchers and gains the weight back? Is she suddenly no longer allowed to show up the way she had been before?


Showing Up In Life, Regardless Of Your Weight


The question “How do you show up in your life?” should not be attached to weight, it should he attached to our relationship with our bodies.

When we aren’t allowed to show up until we’re a certain weight, life becomes all about our size. When we recognize that we show up better when we treat our bodies with love, respect, and kindness, we set ourselves up for inner growth and outer health.

Want to practice how to use Body Knowledge with my system that gets you into a relationship with your body wherever she is at-together.

Gift: Know your Body Knowledge System® Essence of practicing a close relationship between you and your body by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing. Pages 71 to end of 74 please

When you have Body Knowledge you practice honoring your body where she is now and what you want for each other in the long run.

I encourage you to join me on this journey of practicing Body confidence and use this one tool now and see what happens☺

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How’s your summer going? For many of us, summer vacation is right around the corner.  And, unfortunately or fortunately some changes often comes with the territory.

You know what I’m talking about, right?



The Vacation Dilemma


The ultimate vacation dilemma may be temptations and schedule changes that might get you off with your relationship between your body’s wants and needs and you.

Do I eat everything and then feel gross and guilty, or do I stick to the nutritional values me and my body have created.

From cold beers on the beach, to platters of fried fish and tartar sauce, to quaint little ice cream shops on the walk home from dinner, there are countless opportunities on vacation to wreak havoc between you and your body’s intentions for each other.

It might feel like there’s no way out, but there is.


The“Way Out”

I’m proposing a new approach to food while in different environments such as a vacation. One that allows you to enjoy vacation without losing control or depriving yourself of food and fun. My Body Knowledge System® Styles in my Playbook will help you get back in tune with your body rather than relying on your mind to know what she needs.Once you’ve rediscovered the close partnership with your body you can trust your body to tell you what she wants and needs in any environment where changes influence your healthy choices.


Here are some choices on how to begin:


My latest free eBook will help you take the first step towards that.

Bonus: Know your Body Knowledge System® Environmental Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing being aware of how your environment effects your eating habits and how you can match your style with your environment so that you and your body are in concert .

When you have Body Knowledge, you can eat on vacation just like you eat year round, without fear of overdoing it.

I encourage you to join me on this journey to freedom and enjoy this summer’s vacation without food-related stress!

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The other night, my husband and I made a delicious dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with a salad. We ate and we enjoyed and I was full.  Funny thing is, I was hungry again two hours later.


I asked myself, “Should I be hungry after eating such a luscious balanced meal?”

I even went so far as to worry that eating something in addition to my dinner would make me gain weight.


My Body Knowledge wisdom between you and your body eating in a conversation:


Thankfully, after a few minutes I was able to overcome how my mind thought my body “should” feel and just pay attention to what me and my body needed.

Note: This article will not be getting into balance of carbs and protein for your body or emotional eating loopholes

Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership

Rest of Story

I grabbed some lemon yogurt and sat down to watch a show with my husband. When I felt satisfied again, I put the yogurt away.



My coaching Message to you is this:


There are all kinds of “shoulds” our culture wants us to believe about our bodies.

From what time of day we should be hungry to what kind of workouts we should be doing, we are faced with constant pressure about how we should treat our bodies if we want to look a certain way.

The truth is, no one knows what your body needs as well you and your body does! Tap into the fountain of health knowledge inside you and discover true body confidence for good.

My latest free eBook will help you take the first step towards that.

Bonus: Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership.

Do you ever ask yourself….

‘How can I lose weight and still feel comfortable in my body as we are in the process of transforming each other?’


The other day I was talking with a friend. She mentioned a time in her life when she weighed about 20 pounds more than she ever had.

My immediate thoughts:

I was waiting to hear her shame her own body with phrases like,

  • “I look so disgusting.”
  • “I hate myself in the mirror.”
  • “I just want to look skinny again.”

But here’s what surprised me!

She talked about her body with respect and love. She said she didn’t feel as healthy or strong with the extra weight. She said she stopped caring for her body the way she had before.

In other words, this friend was listening to her body rather than judging her.

This is the core of the Body Knowledge System®. She gets it and practices it. Yeah!

This is the process I want for those of you who are listening and want to know more.


So, instead of setting out to lose weight and get thin again, she set out to love her body by listening to what she needed. And the result was feeling comfortable with the weight her body and she wanted. I am so excited for my friend!

Side note:

She said the results were not overnight, but she believes that by reconnecting with her body and embracing her Body Knowledge System® Style she redefined her relationship with her body to create the new process of eating to allow each other (her and her body) to breathe and find a common ground of acceptance.

During this process of implementing and acknowledging her Body Knowledge System® Style she simply spoke of how amazing she feels! And she also likes how she looks.

And by knowing her Body knowledge System® Style the weight loss was easier and looking and feeling with her body had renewed energy and acceptance.

Check out the link above for the Body Knowledge System ® Style guide around Eating and You.

A recent study from Harvard University revealed the one word that is used in an online dating profile that is a turn-off to potential dates, male or female is….wait for it:




This contradicts common sense, lyracists, and the law of attraction.

“Everybody loves a lover,” right?

Not so, say the online social scholars at Harvard University. When you post the word “Happy” as part of your profile, expect a pass from those who may like your face, your background, your interests, you!

At the heart of Body Confidence is happiness, that feeling of contentment with yourself as expressed in your posture, movement, and speech is attractive to others. At least to others you hope to impress, or attract.

The Law of Attraction is based on raising your vibration so that you will attract what you want, (happiness), not what you don’t want, (loneliness). Raising your personal vibration means being “happy”, or at least acting as if you are happy.

The bottom line is always who do you want to spend time with? A positive, happy person or a Debbie Downer!

Body Confidence is always positive, so never be afraid to say so—just don’t use the word “happy” when registering your online dating profile. ;)

over idulgenceThis week I want to talk about avoiding cycles of over and/or under indulgence.

You’ll learn the value of listening to your body and giving her what she wants and needs!


I used to drink frozen coffee drinks all the time. I’m not talking about an iced coffee; I’m talking about the tall plastic cup with a dome-shaped lid filled with a caffeinated milkshake and whipped cream.

You’ve probably had one, right? If you have, you know they’re delicious.

Whenever I passed a Starbucks I would stop and get one and I would drink the whole thing. I never checked in with my body to see if I really wanted one or not. I just thought, “I love Frappuccino’s so I’m going to get one.”

This wasn’t just my approach to coffee. It was my approach to food in general. Needless to say, one day I realized I was getting heavier than I wanted to be.

Under Indulgence

So, I swung in the opposite direction. I began to restrict my calorie intake and that meant no more frozen coffee drinks.

Soon, I became so deprived of food that I started to be obsessed with it.

The Frappuccino’s are a great example of this. I forbid myself to drink them except on rare occasions.

When I did allow myself one, it was all I thought about. I would limit my food intake that day to give me room for the extra calories that would permit me to indulge with the coffee drink all day.

Body Balance

Fast forward a few years and my experience is quite different. Now, I listen to my body.

Turns out, my body knows what she needs. When I listen to her, it helps me stay balanced.

The other day, I was in the airport and I thought, “Hmm. One of those drinks sounds really good.”

So, I got one. You know what? It was delicious, but it wasn’t a big deal. I enjoyed most of the drink, but when I felt full I tossed it in the trash with a couple sips left in the bottom and moved on with my day.

Besides writing this article, I haven’t thought about that coffee drink since the airport. I’m too busy living my life.

Are you ready to break the cycle and find true happiness with your own body?

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