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Coaching Women to Stop Struggling with their Bodies and Health, Start Thriving with a Healthier Lifestyle and Grow their Business.

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You and your body are dancing partners in the journey of life, sometimes you will lead, and she will follow; other times she will lead and you will follow; yet all of the time you will move together as one graceful being living your life, expressing your joy.

You’ll “Dance the Dance of Life.”

Are You Feeling Overweight, Overworked, Overstressed?

You have time, energy, effort for everyone and everything else in your life, but not a spare second for yourself?



Want a Real Sustainable Solution to being Overworked, Overstressed, and being Overweight?

Coach Stephanie Wood, PCC specializes with women who: Take Care of their own Business or Business for their employers, employees, family, friends, and their body/health/wellness comes in last, if at all.


  • If you are tired, stressed, and more, how can you be your best at work and in your personal life?
  • Are you the take charge kind of woman except when it comes to your own self-care?
  • Isn’t time to feel and look your best?
  • Isn’t time to succeed in business and at home?



You can only ignore your body and well being for so long before it takes a toll. Learn how to incorporate some strategies into your life instead of trying to conform your life into someone else’s plan.

You are a decision maker so make the decision today or are you going to settle once again.


Remember tomorrow is up to you!

Body Awe Awareness and Personal Wellness requires your body to work with you.

Health, fitness, and wellness require you to work with your body.

Body work becomes body play when you practice the Body Knowledge Dance.

  • Do you live too much in your head?
  • How many times have you put Exercise on the shelf?
  • When was the last time you really nourished your body in a way that allows you to release extra weight?
  • Is your body feeling uncomfortable at work, but there is always an excuse to stay put?
  • Are you ready to end the Estrangement?

From your first breath to your last sigh, your body represents you in the world.

  • Do you esteem her?
  • Is your self esteem based on her, on you, or both of you?

She supports you, encourages you, defends and comforts you…she is there when you need her, and there when you don’t…she is there when you’re practicing self-care and there when you are abusing her with poor living habits…she is there to provide you pleasure and she is there to make you “painfully” aware of something or someone not in your best interest…like the loyal, faithful friend she is, your body loves you regardless of your feelings for her.

So, I’ll ask you again:

Did you bring your body with you today?

Practice saying “Yes!”

Stand up and state “Yes!”

Pump your fist and shout “Yes!”

Your body awaits you…your body is your very best friend (past, present and forever into the future) …and she wants to be reunited with you.

Your body has secrets she wants to share with you.

Your body has wisdom to whisper in your ears.

Your body can’t wait to tell you the truth, the whole truth, the real truth about the two of you!

The Body Knowledge System

  • will reunite you with your body and benefit both of you!
  • is a two-for-one process, guaranteed to improve your life in every area of your life.
  • is the NEW Sustainable Solution!
  • is the foundation of our community, Body Awe, whose members support each other in our ongoing commitment to reconnect with our bodies for the rest of our lives.

Take the Body Awareness Assessment as your first step to ending the estrangement with your body.

The Body Awe Community is here to facilitate your practice of the Body Knowledge System®

Benefits to membership in the Body Awe Community Join today!

  • A fellowship learning to listen to their bodies.
  • A fellowship sharing experiences, exchanging information, and understanding the challenges of re-uniting with our bodies.
  • A fellowship expanding their social network to include others who struggle with maintaining a healthy and compassionate relationship with their bodies.
  • A fellowship with the latest, most accurate information on health, wellness, and well-being.
  • A fellowship known for their generosity of spirit and their commitment to the Body Knowledge System

Membership is free, and you are free to cancel any time for any reason.

We have a 100% retention rate…because we deliver on our promises to improve your life by teaching you how to re-unite with your body.

Start today to:

  • Make better choices!
  • Live better lives!
  • Enhance relationships!
  • Improve performance!
  • Access Awesome Intelligence!
  • Start a real mind body connection
  • Learn new ways to encourage your body to be fit, active, and loose weight!

“Meet Your Magnificence here at the Body Awe® website.”

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