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September 24, 2017 – Your Body hears you stressing out.  Listen and learn how to deal with the cortisol hormone that creates weight gain. When you understand this, you apply LOA Principles and Body Knowledge System® principles to calm this hormone and move through life feeling light in your body. Our thought patterns also help us when life situations become a challenge.

September 17 2017 – Listen how to treat your Body as a person not an object to have Body Confidence.  There are consequences between you and your body when you do not recognize your body’s voice. We know when she is tired or hungry or in need of movement Yes? She talks to us. So let us acknowledge her voice.

August 27 2017 – This is how you keep your WORD with you and your body to have Body Confidence.  There is a challenge between you and your body when you are in different environments especially with food choices.

August 19, 2017 – Body Confidence: Has a strong desire got what you wanted?  Body confidence LOA Style becomes inherent within you when your desire is clear and strong. In this particular conversation, we introduce a woman, Rebel Wilson who has created a


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