"As we recognize our body's intelligence and wisdom, we are in integrity."

System That Guides

You and your body, are partners in this journey, sometimes you will lead, and she will follow; other times she will lead and you will follow; yet all of the time you will move together as one graceful person living her life, expressing her joy.

  • The Body Knowledge System® is a play book, not a work book….
  • The Body Knowledge System®, an interactive instructional manual teaches you to live with your body in an intuitive way. With your practice, you are in a new place, a new space with a friend for life.
  • The Body Knowledge System®, a revolutionary refreshing approach to you and your body—shall we dance?

The Dance

Your body has a voice.
Her language is motion, movement.
Are you ready to listen to her knowledge?

The Body Knowledge Principles.

The Body Knowledge Principles are aspects of your life that serve you and your body. When you must make a decision, or find yourself at a cross roads, or feel anxious or under scrutiny, or simply want to know what to do next; these principles guide you to the only resource you’ll ever need to make the right choice: your body.

As soon as you learn more about them, when and how to apply them, and observe the wonderful results; the Body Knowledge Principles will become an integral part of your everyday life.

Once you’re accustomed to Body Knowledge System®, you will appreciate the security offered by the Body Knowledge Principles, and rely on them to support your efforts to do it YOUR WAY!

The Styles

The OASIS is the haven for any and everything that is currently not working in your life. Your style solves your problems, answers your questions, fulfills your needs, and satisfies your wants. Once you determine your style(s) and apply it to your activities, your life eases as the fun increases with every application of Body Knowledge System®

  • (O) Organized
  • (A) Analytical
  • (S) Spontaneous
  • (I) Inspirational
  • (S) Synchronicity

Your style determines the easy way for you to live your life your way!

Body Knowledge System® inspires delightful discoveries:

  • Relationships. To partner with your body.
  • Consciousness. An expanded awareness of your body.
  • Language. How does your body communicate with you?
  • Movement. Discover the natural, easy flow of activity with your body – and within your body.
  • Intelligence. Understand your body’s functions and her needs, wants and desires.
  • Sacredness. Honor, respect and reverence encircle your relationship with your body.

The Body Knowledge Practicals

The final step in your dance, is applying what you’ve learned to your daily activities.

Body Knowledge is not restricted to eating and exercise. Body Knowledge is relevant to your work, your play, your daily routine, your environments, your health, and the events that take you out of your routine for an hour, a day, or a week or more. Of course, the Body Knowledge System® involves eating and exercise…and so much more!

Are you ready to cross the bridge ending the estrangement between you and your body?

Cross the Bridge…with Body Awe®

Sharing of information occurs when both parties feel secure with each other.

Essential to truth is trust…and acceptance, respect, for the other’s point of view.

The Body Knowledge System® builds the bridge between you and your body, reinstating the relationship you were born with…bridging the sometimes troubled waters of the activities of your daily life, allowing you to dance on a smooth asphalt surface of life, rather than stumble across the cobblestones of other people’s expectations, requirements, rules and regulations.

With this return to an open exchange of information in a conversation, you will waltz through the days and nights of your life. Sometimes a jitterbug, sometimes a tango, but always a fluent, fluid partnership…you will experience life in a whole new way, a wonderful way—a way full of wonder!

Start now to restore your relationship with your body!

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Rebuild the bridge between you and your body…

Discover Your BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® Style, Dance Your Dance,
Fulfill Your Dreams for Your Future!

“Practice Your Dance, Dance Your Practice!”

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