"Did you bring your body with you?"

Your Body: An Awesome Intelligence

Are you Organized(O)?

  • in everything you do?
  • in some of the things you do?
  • in none of the things you do?

Or Are you Analytical(A)?

  • in all things?
  • in some things?
  • in bits and pieces?

Or Are you Spontaneous(S)?

  • always?
  • never?
  • sometimes?

Or Are you Inspirational(I)?

  • in your free time?
  • or only in your alone time?
  • off and on?


A contemporary concept encompassing each of the styles, synchronicity surrounds us—if we are aware of the possibilities available to help us.

Our body is always aware, and through the practice of Body Knowledge System® you will learn to be open to opportunities for improving your personal and professional life.

  1. Did you bring your body with you to this page?

  2. Is she happy?

  3. Is she sad?

  4. Is she optimistic, pessimistic or simply upset?

  5. Why don’t we ask her?

  6. What’s your way of being in your world?

There’s one style that influences your actions when eating, working, playing, socializing, or exercising.
Once you’ve identified and accepted your style for that activity, it makes it easier for you to do.
Usually one or two styles dominate your behavior in each area, leaving the other two to play a minor or supportive role, or no role at all.

The Styles are your OASIS.

  • (O)rganized
  • (A)nalytical
  • (S)pontaneous
  • (I)nspirational
  • (S)ynchronicity

Your style determines the easy way for you to live your life your way!

Do you want to end the estrangement with your body, become fully alive with your body and access your body’s knowledge, guidance and wisdom?

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With the Body Knowledge System®, you will learn everything you need to know accomplish these goals.

Your body …

  • tells the truth.
  • has her own voice, one that is calling out to you.
  • wants to be involved in your life, because it’s her life, too.
  • helps you make important decisions about everything you do.
  • clarifies your relationships, your career, your health, and your spirit.
  • inspires you and encourages you—to be alive with possibility!

Imagine Creating A Healthy Lifestyle You Deserve

Some of you just need to find a healthy lifestyle, loose weight, or find a way to become more fit and active.

The Body Knowledge System® can help you in becoming fit and making a change to a healthier lifestyle.

Body Knowledge is not restricted to eating and exercise. Body Knowledge is relevant to your work, your play, your health, your daily routine, your environments, your comfort zone, and the events that take you out of your routine for an hour, a day, a week or more. Of course, the Body Knowledge System® involves eating and exercise…and so much more!

So do YOU want to?

  • Increase your personal energy?
  • Upgrade your leisure time?
  • Initiate regular self care practices?
  • Become more healthy and vital?
  • Become leaner and energized?
  • Build on your successes to move past your limitations?

Then you have come to the right place.

There is such an overload of information out there about health and fitness that often times your mind reels while you try and sort through all the possibilities. You can become so desperate to find something that works that you focus all of your time and energy on some magic solution or new pill that will give you the results that you want in your life and for your body.

The trouble is the further you move away from you and your body – the further you get from a real solution.

One of the main keys to any long-term solution for weight loss, maintaining weight, and a healthy lifestyle is you.

I can help you connect with your mind body connection, learn to control your bad self talk, and listen to your real inner talk with your body.

Resist Exercising? I can you help you there too. Let’s find out what works best for you. Fitness can become fun again.

Everyone is a unique individual and I truly believe that “one size fits all” approach never works.

Come learn what works for you to have a well balanced and healthier life.

You CAN live the life you want NOW, with Movement and Lifestyle Coaching through the Body Knowledge System!

There are five ways to end your estrangement with your body:

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  2. Purchase the Body Knowledge System® Playbook
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