"Allow your Body’s wisdom to take center stage in your dance of life."

“Work” when applied to the Body Knowledge System always refers to your profession, and not your body. For some of us, work implies unpleasant effort, required responsibility, and dull routine; for others, work is a wonderful word meaning fulfillment, passion, and satisfaction.
Whether you love what you do professionally, or you do it to be free to pursue your passion, when members of the BodyAwe community refer to work—it never, ever,

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applies to our bodies, or to exercise.

Body Knowledge System applies to what we do professionally, because BKS is integral to everything we do in our lives. Every moment we live and breathe can be enhanced when we apply the Body Knowledge System. Our work becomes our play when we are doing what

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we love, and our body always reveals our life’s work—especially when we are actively engaged in doing it.

Are you doing the work you love? If not, why? I would like to know.

How will you know?

Ask your body.

She always tells the truth.

A mini-test to determine whether your position is your passion:

Stand up in the center of your room, your space.  Take a deep breath—all the way to the bottom of your abdomen, then purse your lips and exhale slowly in an “O” until every molecule of air leaves your body.

1) Think of your job, work, profession.

2) Move with the thought.

3) Observe your movement, your dance.

Write down your impressions and how your body felt, preferably in your Body Knowledge Journal.

Place the date on the page, because you’ll want to refer back to your impressions later in your practice of the Body Knowledge System.

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