"The magic of motion opens the way to share emotions between you & your body."

Question healthThe quality of questions I’ve been receiving has been incredible and leads me beyond the easy answers from my body knowledge into your body’s knowledge. Many of the questions cover topics found in the Table of Contents of my book, Body Knowledge System®.

Here are your questions answered:

Q. What do you mean by “practice”? Is it about communicating with your body?

A. Practice means a habit, an ongoing exchange of information between me and my body. Since my first love is dancing, one form of communication between my body and me is spontaneous motion. Moving my body quiets my brain and allows me to hear my body’s information. PLUS it brings us both JOY!

-Penny S, Newark, DE

Q. Events? Environment? And my body?

A. Those three words appear to have no association with each other—until you acknowledge the impact the first two have on the third, your body. The only control any of us has is over our self and how we respond to events in our environment. Stuff happens, and our response determines the outcome. Your body’s intelligence guarantees a successful outcome—only when you access it.

-Ella F,

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Portland, OR

Q. My environment is beyond my control for now, so how can I apply your system to make it my system?

A. Your environment can support or defeat you if you are unaware of or ignore the affect it has on your body. Women particularly have environmental changes forced upon them with their various roles as professionals, homemakers, hosts, and guests. As with everything else in your personal body knowledge system, benefiting from your environment begins with communicating with your body’s intelligence.

-Gina M, Paris, IN

In order to solve a problem, first you have to identify it as a problem.


As a special invitation to you, I’m putting together a small, intimate group of 9 people and together, I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • lose weight (and keep it off),
  • get off your meds (for good),
  • and how to enjoy every moment of every day . . .

So you lose weight, have greater esteem, feel lighter, and live where movement is part of your day

This is an exclusive invite so there’s only one way into the group. And that’s to have a conversation with me!

I’ve got a few time slots available here. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I expect these slots to fill very quickly. Make your appointment now to get on your way to becoming a better you and in the meantime, take a look at what you could be learning!

We feel everything in our lives. We move with life’s big dramas and small events. Maybe we embrace the happiness or sadness that comes to us, or maybe we resist. Maybe we are out-of-sync, or maybe we go with the flow.

How do you stay centered through life’s ups and downs? It’s learning to listen and move with our bodies.

The movement keeps you awake and alive with your body. Movement opens you up to functioning on all levels, not just the mental level where many of us function much of the time.

Movement brings you back into your body, where you find deeper self-knowledge. You illuminate your understanding of your style of functioning, and you trust your way of operating a little more than you did before. You know what you truly want in life.

Here’s an example:
Let’s say that you want to reduce your intake of sugar. Start moving. Let your body tell you how he/she wants to move. What would it look like and feel like in your body if you didn’t eat as much sugar? Close your eyes, move with her, let your body decide. It might be a big hooray. Your body might feel a lot of excitement that you’re eating less sugar.

State this as a positive intention:
‘I am ecstatic because I’m consuming less sugar!’

With that movement and intention, make a picture in your mind. Visualize it. Now, you’ve captured it. Practice it. Perform it again and again until it’s solidly in your body.

Once you commit it to memory, practice the ‘dance’.

Let the movement change; be your own choreographer. I encourage you to add music; add song; see your visualization even more clearly by seeing a scene in a movie that touched your heart or made you cry or made you laugh; see something in nature that brings more aliveness to your choreographed sequence of movement.

It’s Fun!

Try it and let me know what you think.

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