"Your body speaks up for you when you do not speak up for yourself."


The easy answer to clear up any confusion about Body Confidence and what it is:

Find a baby and observe his or her behavior.

Well-being expresses itself when the baby is awake, asleep, or anywhere in between. Baby’s body and baby are in constant communication with each other. When baby’s body experiences hunger, pain, fear, anxiety, tiredness, thirst or any category of discomfort, baby’s body reacts with cries in expectation that the caretakers will supply what she needs to fulfill the need or want. After the need is satisfied, the baby returns to well-being.


And there is no pause, no space between the stimulus of discomfort and the outcry indicating it. Baby doesn’t bother with appropriate expectations or behavior; baby is oblivious to others’ expectations for her; and lastly, baby is focused on getting her needs met, the sooner the better for all those in her environment.

Ok, that behavior is tyrannical, and goes way beyond body confidence.

But it’s a start.

As an adult, body confidence takes a step back. Our body knows what she needs, and instead of relying on her caretakers, she has transitioned to depending on you, her BFF to fulfill those needs, wants, desires.

Your body was born with body confidence, and therefore so were you. As you matured you have lost contact with your body and have ceased to listen to her for guidance.

To get in touch with your birthright, the body confidence you were born with, you need to get back in touch with your body. It’s never too late to listen to your body.

Contact Coach Stephanie to learn more about it.

All babies are born with body confidence, because they communicate to their significant others all they need, want, desire to feel good about themselves.


Ok, it’s not Steve Harvey, but in my recent survey, I sent out to a list of women who are not my “peeps” (yet), I was shocked to discover 100% of them had never experienced Body Confidence, and were not clear what the term means even though they were familiar with it from the media.

Aside from the fact they were not sure of the specific meaning of the term or how it would apply to them, they were “jealous” of those who had it and wanted it for themselves…just didn’t know how to get it.

Granted the check-in was designed for answers from impulse response, because those are usually truthful. If you want more info, please click the link above and see for yourself.

In the meantime, take my word for it that from the hundreds, maybe thousands of women who received the emails, their responses indicated a real need to learn more about body confidence and how to re-awaken it in themselves.

So, as the founder of the Body Knowledge System®, the sustainable solution to body issues for women of all ages, I recognize the challenge before me: to educate women about their birthright: Body Confidence!

Thanks for paying attention, and there’s more to come

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If you haven’t read Tuesday’s words of wisdom, click here then come right back for the rest of the info.

There are several resources to get your genetic eating plan that provides body confidence for what’s best for you to fuel your body efficiently, effectively, and healthily. As reviewed by Dr. Jen Ashton, there has not been enough data to determine the outcomes, but the placebo effect works 3o % of the time.

The most expensive at $309 examines your DNA, metabolism and blood work from an at-home test to determine which one of 7 categories fit you. In addition, they supply some coaching, online App, and follow up recommendations.

The Orig3n service at $149 looks at your DNA from the saliva sample you mail in from home. Those results will provide dietary suggestions to achieve your goals.

There are others popping up online if you Google them, however the Body Knowledge System® can supply all the information required for a successful eating program to achieve body confidence.

Take the short cut to body confidence, contact Coach Stephanie to learn how to talk to your body and stop your war with food!


I have noticed that the average American woman is a size 16-18 and you may have experienced the media trying to convince you otherwise. If you look around at magazines and billboards, you’d assume the average woman in America is a size 2.

For decades women sizes 16 and up have been forced to shop different styles, in a different section of the store. Maybe you’ve felt that division. Whether you’ve been less than appreciative of being labeled as “plus size” or you’ve found yourself relieved that you didn’t have to shop the plus section, you’ve experienced an unhealthy divide based on your size as a woman.


Imagine With Me…


Can you imagine if, in the grocery store, certain foods were manufactured and sold for some customers, but not for others? That would be ridiculous! Thankfully, things are changing and clothing stores are beginning to agree.

For example, “It has just been reported that Kmart will label their signs saying plus size section to the “Fabulously Sized” section. Even better, they’re now offering their regular sized clothes in an extended range, to get rid of the separate sections all together.

Kelly Cook, Kmart’s chief marketing director told newscasters, “Fashion is ageless, shapeless and weightless. We want to be inclusive and empower women to find apparel that makes them look and feel good, and be whoever they want to be.”



An inside Tip


Isn’t it interesting to notice the impact that words have on how we feel about ourselves and our bodies?

Say out-loud ‘plus size’ or visualize the sign in a store and THEN say or visualize ‘fabulously sizes’.

A  big, big difference. Yes?

Words create thoughts which create beliefs that can empower you with better body confidence or bring into negative places.


By the way:


For more interesting conversations and tips to enhance your body confidence, check out some of my radio episodes. My partner in crime is Debi Talbert where we bring in my body Knowledge System ® principles sprinkled with Law of Attraction principles.

The conversations are short and sweet to get you into the habit of enjoying your body’s know-how.

You are probably ready to learn and discover more body confidence techniques.

Slowly, our world is becoming more accepting of real women and their various shapes and sizes. What about your world? Is your mind and heart a safe place for you? Learn to eliminate judgements, limitations and hurtful messages which could be are holding you back?

Bravo! To all of us taking the lead with this body confidence movement



The term “plus” when applied to clothing sizes is a pejorative. I love that word, pejorative, because it sounds exactly what it means: defamatory, discriminatory, judgmental and altogether nasty-negative!

When manufacturers determine their product sizes, there is no standard measurement. (Please see articles on the origins of sizes in women’s clothing on this website.)

As of today, some designers consider women sizes 12 and above as “plus” sizes, others assign “plus” to above 16. Today the average size sold to American women is a 16; and it hardly qualifies those women as outside the norm, as they are the norm!

Aside from celebrated individuals, (Ashley Graham, Melissa McCartney, Amy Schumer, among others) who have confidently pushed for body acceptance, the media is getting on board by acknowledging “one size fails to fit all!” Project Runway became inclusive this season with the inclusion of larger models and designers to clothe them.

Last week, KMART announced the re-naming of plus to fabulously sized clothing, and eliminating the separation (some would say isolation) of that category from the rest of the department.

Along with Lane Bryant’s new branding celebrating “curvy” for their clothing lines, it looks like we are WINNING! Finally, through individual efforts at acceptance of the current reality of women’s healthy bodies, the social institutions have received the message and are joining the rest of us in respecting our individuality.

Advertising, social media, and commercial markets are broadening their message to accept all of us as equals.

Keep this positive momentum going: Join the Body Confidence Movement!

Call Coach Stephanie to find out how!


A recent study by Michigan State University of 271,000 people of various ages found that investing in your friendships pays large dividends in your health, wellbeing, and long-term future.

Those of us who practice the Body Knowledge System® understand the benefit of one very special buddy, our body.

She knows us better than anyone else on the planet, including our spouse, mother, father, twin sister, brother or son or daughter. She’s been with us since our first breath and will be with us until our last breath. She supports us, not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically. And best of all, she’s available to us 24/7/365.

Now that’s a BFF!

So, when was the last time you acknowledged her as your BFF? If the answer is “never”, it’s not too late to create that relationship.

Actually, it’s never too late.

But why wait? When the sooner you become reacquainted, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits of the relationship!

Contact Coach Stephanie to take your first step to becoming the BFF to your body!


Experts agree that confidence is the key to success. If you believe you can, you can. And the reverse is also true! So, the first step to getting what you want is believing you can have it.

I can already hear your comment, “Yes, but…”

The “but” is the barrier.

The phrase following the “but” is your indication of what prevents you from getting what you want. What are your words following the “but”?

For every word you utter denying you your dreams, your body has a creative answer allowing you to achieve your dreams.

If you think that your creativity resides only in your brain, you are limiting your possibilities….
Your body has wisdom she wants you to explore.

Call Coach Stephanie

Project Runway’s New Look: Real Bodies, Real Women, and Real Life


Hi, it’s Body Confidence Coach Stephanie here!

I’m in the business of helping women love their bodies. When Project Runway recently announced they’d have models size 0-22 walking their runway this season, I considered it a huge media win!

Finally, this popular show recognized that a runway full of impossibly thin models wasn’t healthy. As Heidi Klum said on this season’s first episode, a truly gifted designer must be able to dress women as they appear in the real world: a diverse range of shapes and sizes.


You as a Runway Model


Can you imagine what it would have been like to work as a runway model on previous seasons?

My guess is…you can.

Maybe your paycheck doesn’t depend on your pant size, but does your sense of self-worth? Your confidence level when you walk into a room and Your ability to feel worthy in relationships?


How I Can Help

If you identified with any of the above, The Body Knowledge System® is for you.

I use my Body Knowledge methodology to help you stop resisting you own Self Confidence and body worthiness.

One of my favorite sections of the Body Knowledge System® Playbook talks about your Body’s voice. As you have internalized the pressure to look a certain way, you’ve become estranged to your own body’s voice and begun to listen to the voice of the media, your peers and other outside pressures.

Maybe you’ve tried to improve your body image before, with little success. That’s because you haven’t truly joined forces with your body.


Try this Simple Practice


You might be able to say, “I am alive” while you’re sitting down, but when you say those same words as you move from sitting to standing, they feel more powerful, don’t they? That’s because you joined forces with your body!

The Body Knowledge System® will teach you to live your life with that same energy. You’ll no longer dictate over your body, you’ll learn to dance with her. This dance will allow you to pursue your life’s passions with joy.

What Are You Waiting For!?!

Project Runway has recognized that it’s time for models to listen to their own voices, not the voice of the industry.

Size 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 models will have the body confidence necessary to successfully model in front of a nationally televised audience.

Now, it’s your turn. Whatever size or shape you are, why not take advantage of my simple, sustainable tools and techniques.

Practicing the Body Knowledge System® will release your inner body confidence and rock your life like it’s your very own runway.

 Gift :FREE ebook now

Better yet, contact me- Coach Stephanie, to start your strut down the runway of your life!


We discussed diet fads last time, now let’s look at exercise trends, er fads.

The 60 second promise sure looks good in the Tweet, but if it were THAT easy, I’d do it, too. What the article on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) goes on to say is 60  seconds refers to a single interval in a total of twenty 60 second segments.

In other words, twenty minutes total of alternating between short high intensity exercises for 60 seconds, followed by a three minutes of lesser intensity exercises. And when they say “intense” they mean vigorous efforts driving your heart rate up to 80 to 95 percent of capacity.

As in alternating fasting diet programs, the AMA does not recommend daily HIIT workouts, rather do your HIITs three days a week, allowing 42 to 78 hours between them. Whether this will work for you, may depend on your Style profile that you discovered in Coach Stephanie’s popular teleclass “Resist Exercise, Want to Know Why?”

If you missed it, contact Coach Stephanie for more information



Actually, “What You Ate” is the title of a new book by historian, Laura Shapiro.  She quotes philosopher-gourmand Brillat-Savarin in her introduction, “Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are” as the impetus of her examining the foods, preparations, and environment of 6 women of history. Writers, and activists, and one famous mistress are the subject matter of her examination of these women and how their behavior around food reflected their lives.

She continues with her intense desire to ask them about their relationship to the food they chose when shopping, consumed, prepared, and the reasons behind their choices. What purpose did it serve them to make the selections they did and what were the results of those choices? Did the outcome justify the efforts they put into the process, if not, then why not?

The three (of the six) most famous women were Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, FDR’s spouse, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Helen Gurley Brown, revolutionary editor of Cosmopolitan.

So what does this have to do with modern women and our relationship to food and what that says about us?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Since this is an examination of diseased women from a bygone era, the subject matter begs a more modern treatment as our obsession with food and how we relate to it has increased over the years. Until that study is done officially, we have a wonderful resource available to us today: our own body.

One theme remains current: except for professional chefs, food remains the province of women. What we choose for ourselves, our families, and why.

The amount of time we spend daily on and around food: selection, preparation, service, clean up, planning for the next meal far exceeds any other preoccupation.

With that in mind, we can save time, effort, and any future recriminations when we consult our body prior to making any choice surrounding food.

Using the tools of the Body Knowledge System® we accomplish everything we need to know in a fast, efficient conversation with our body.


Contact Coach Stephanie now!


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