"Your body is not the enemy."


In our last post, we shared what all practitioners of Body Knowledge already know: our emotions reside in our body. We think because we respond verbally either by voice or on our digital keyboards, that the reaction comes from our minds. Perhaps the details of the expression are mental, but the intention behind them is totally physical!

All the more reason to get to know your body at a more personal level. In earlier posts, we’ve discussed the power of the pause, but with current instant between social interactions online, it takes more than a simple pause to sort things out in order to avoid trouble (trolls?) online.

Certainly, a pause is an immediate positive reaction when you perceive an insult, disrespect, a slur directed at you or someone you love.

So what do you do with the pause?

Feel your blood pressure rise?

Feel your shoulders tighten?

Feel your head begin to throb as you compose an angry retort to post as soon as the pause is over?

Every one of those emotional reactions occurs in your body, but what do they mean?

Really mean: your feelings are hurt and you will react in one of three ways: flee, freeze or fight back.

Your weapon of choice will be the words you respond with online. In order to make them the right words, our recommendation is to consult with your best friend forever, your body.

How to do that, and so much more, is available to you when you access your body’s wisdom and intimate knowledge of you. Your authentic self, your best self, your true self can be discovered in ongoing communication with your body.

Learn how with the Body Knowledge System®

The Body Knowledge System® makes it easy, fun, and worthwhile in today’s digital, informational social system. For more information, please contact Coach Stephanie Wood for a pleasant conversation about how to get in touch with your intentions without fear or frustration.

How do you show up in your life?


Let me explain what I mean.


Weight Watchers Program


Have you seen the newest Weight Watchers commercial?

In it, Oprah interviews a woman who has recently lost weight using the Weight Watchers program. Now that the woman has finally achieved thinness, Oprah asks, “How do you show up in your life?”

To be honest, I don’t even remember the woman’s answer, because I got so caught up in the question.


Why do we wait to ask someone how they show up in their life now that the weight is gone? And what happens if she stops Weight Watchers and gains the weight back? Is she suddenly no longer allowed to show up the way she had been before?


Showing Up In Life, Regardless Of Your Weight


The question “How do you show up in your life?” should not be attached to weight, it should he attached to our relationship with our bodies.

When we aren’t allowed to show up until we’re a certain weight, life becomes all about our size. When we recognize that we show up better when we treat our bodies with love, respect, and kindness, we set ourselves up for inner growth and outer health.

Want to practice how to use Body Knowledge with my system that gets you into a relationship with your body wherever she is at-together.

Gift: Know your Body Knowledge System® Essence of practicing a close relationship between you and your body by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing. Pages 71 to end of 74 please

When you have Body Knowledge you practice honoring your body where she is now and what you want for each other in the long run.

I encourage you to join me on this journey of practicing Body confidence and use this one tool now and see what happens☺

Get started here



Body Image

Today I want to share three Body Image tips with you about how to take control of the way you see yourself. My mission during the next three months is to give you a new perspective about your self-esteem and your body image.




“I care too much about what other people think of me! How can I get over it?”


TIP #1


Think back to the days when you were a baby.  You were free of the opinion of others… your actions were influenced primarily by your needs and wants… and you acted upon what your body needed.  Wouldn’t be nice to feel that way again?




 “I keep finding myself in social situations where I feel like I don’t have control… can you help?”


TIP #2


In order to help you with this challenge, I need to hear about your specific situation by April 30th! Answer these three questions and I’ll be in touch with you within 48 business hours with further assistance.

Self Esteem Scale




 “I feel like I don’t measure up to external standards… whether my own or somebody else’s. Help!”


TIP #3


What if there were:

  • No more pictures.
  • No more mirrors.
  • No more numbers.

These external images have nothing to do with you, the real you. As an adult you have the power to choose your own standards: consult your only reliable source, your body.




As an adult you have a choice to continue in blind obedience to external standards of value or return to your source of comfort: your body. She/he has the answers for both of you.

Smile when you look in the mirror. Smile when you step on the scale and smile when you see a photo of yourself.

Now is time to move forward with more options so that how you see yourself in the world becomes more clear and confident! 

Don’t forget to answer my three questions by April 30th to receive personalized tips from me!

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