"Your body speaks up for you when you do not speak up for yourself."

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When you’re hungry or tired, do you listen to your body or to your mind first?

Here are a couple of examples so you know what I mean.


Scenario #1: When to Eat

Your body says: I’m hungry!

Your mind says: You’re going out to dinner in an hour and a half! You know you’re not supposed to eat before dinner!

Your body says: But I ran errands, worked out, and cleaned up the house!  I’m not gonna make it over here!

Your mind says: Please just hold out and wait for your Supper.
Who wins?


Scenario #2: When to Rest.

Your body says: I’m tired!

Your mind says: Tired? We have a plan, remember? You told me you’d walk the dog today!

Your body says: But I’ve walked the dog six days in a row! It’s Sunday, and I want a break!

Your mind says: A break? Are you kidding me? Get that word out of your vocabulary. We’ve gotta go, go, go!
Who wins this one?

Interesting scenarios huh? So what would you do if I told you I can help you make those negotiations with your mind and body a much easier process?

Yes, you are one in the same with your mind, body and spirit but each one has a different objective.  The Body Knowledge System™ can help you.  Contact me with your challenge and we can set up a free Healthier You Consultation at your convenience.

Learn how to answer this question for yourself – when I am hungry or tired, I will listen to _________.

Holiday eatingAlthough hurricane Sandy has taken its toll on the Northeast including a lack of electricity for a couple of weeks now at my current residence, I wanted to let you know that I’m still able to offer my free tele-classes to you over the coming weeks!

The holidays can be a stressful time so now more than ever, it’s important for you to pay attention and connect with what your body is telling you.


November 17 at 2:30pm – Learn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 10 at 3:00pm – How to Listen to Your Body during the Holidays – Body Talk 101

  • Make exercise an enjoyable part of your day!
  • Jump off your weight loss plateau!

December 15 at 2:30pmLearn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 18 at 1:00pm How to find time for Movement with your body during this Holiday Season

  • There’s a relationship between your personality style and what exercise works best for you.
  • Discover your ideal movement/exercise style so you’re empowered to create a fitness strategy that you will look forward to everyday!


Make this Holiday season different.  Let me hold your hand through Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that by the time New Year’s Eve hits, you can still fit in that black dress that you look so good in.  

So if you know this is right for you . . . if you know it’s exactly what you’ve needed over the Holidays for a while now, get started today by clicking on the session you want above!

If the dates or times of these free group teleclasses are not convenient for you, contact me directly so we can create a date and time between us so that you can still experience and practice this Holiday Material.

Little Black DressWith the black dress in mind.

Holiday stressIt’s true that for some folks, the Fall season is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  But for others, it’s also the “most fattening time of the year”.

My question to you: Why does it have to be one way or the other?

Maybe you’re worried about gaining the five, dreaded holiday pounds.  Maybe you’re torn between enjoying all of those holiday goodies . . .

. . . and worrying about if you’d ever recover from your indulgence.

The holidays can be wonderful, but also stressful on many levels.

However, with the right practices in place, you can:

  • Say NO to weight gain over the Holidays
  • Stop the struggle between your body and your food
  • Learn how to make this part of your lifestyle forever
  • And avoid the holiday stress!

So, I’m offering a 90 minute Lifestyle Holiday Retreat on Saturday November 10th at 2:30pm Etd to help you zero in on solving the challenges specific to this special time of year. You’ll get the information you need . . . exactly when you need it.

Sign up here!

In this class we will:

  • Address the areas around food, exercise, & family relationships that help us feel good or bad.
  • Learn three specific Body Knowledge System® skills to help you find the choices that fit you.
  • Have time for you to ask questions and get guidance on your needs.

If you’re tired of just “getting through” the holidays, then free yourself and join me for a 90 minute Teleseminar by telephone, in the comfort of your own home on November 10th 2012 starting at 2:30 pm Eastern.


When you sign up before October 26th you will also receive a no cost ‘Healthier You’ Session with me. Schedule it now. Again you must sign up before October 26th to receive this session for absolutely no cost.  It’s my holiday gift to you.

PS. Can’t stand the weight gain and want to enjoy the Holiday Season? Then read on….

Let’s begin to be best friends with our bodies…

Here is what I know to be true:-)

  • As you maintain communication with your body, you’ll discover your style by applying principles that will liberate you and away from other peoples’ standards.
  • You will shift your emphasis from outside yourself and your body back where it originated and still belongs: within yourself.
  • As you practice being more clear about your relationship with your body, you can adapt to any event.
  • You will see life benefits that extend beyond what you had considered pertaining only to the body— exercise and eating. You may see that you deeply enjoy your work when you are in an authentic, thriving partnership with your body. You may find more sacred connections in your everyday life— connections that weren’t apparent before.

Sign up today!

To your Health and Happiness,


Weddings, Graduations, Anniversary Parties, Class ReunionsFACT:  Events occurring in June contain four of the top ten anxiety inducing situations (marriage, family changes, debt and travel).  When you’re stressed, your body has one of these three reactions:

  • Freeze, Flee, or Fight. 

Regardless of your specific response to stress inducers, your body’s reaction is always an extra dose of cortisol which slooooooowwwwwssssss your metabolism almost to a stop.

The result? FAT!

Celery or Chocolate Éclairs: regardless of what you eat, when you are stressed, you will get the most “bang” possible from every bite.

How ironic that when you want to look your best for an upcoming event, your body betrays you.

No! NOT TRUE! It is YOU who betrays your BODY!

The Body Knowledge System® is the Stress Solution for Event Anxiety.

1)      Body talk keeps it real.

2)      Comfortable clothes create confidence, enhance enjoyment, and reduce stress!

3)      Make each event easy on yourself…you are a guest, not the main attraction.

RSVPClient Story

Dahlia felt her stomach tighten as soon as she saw the return address embossed on the creamy linen envelope containing an invitation to her niece’s elaborate June wedding in Beverly Hills, CA. Aware of the upcoming event for months, she had dreaded this moment due to the family’s expectations.  Her hand shook as she stared at the RSVP card. Taking a deep breath, she reached for her copy of the Body Knowledge System®. Flipping it open to page 288, she read the introduction to the “Events & You” chapter. Her heartbeat slowed as she continued reading the reassuring words and the notations she had made in the margins. By page 308, she felt her smile return as she reviewed her notes addressing this event. Those notes were a product of her rediscovery of a real relationship with her body and the deep friendship that had been developing since she began to practice the Body Knowledge System® with her coach, Stephanie Wood, PPC.

Remember: Whether it’s a family event, or a networking opportunity, or a party with total strangers, or people you really don’t want to be with, BKS has a hot flash for you:  JUST SAY NO, THANK YOU!  And feel your anxiety slip away…taking the cortisol with it.

As an alternative, send a gift, and spend the day at the beach, the movies, or with a good book.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, please contact me, or if you would like to be in a free group tele-class, learn more here.

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