"Did you bring your body with you?"

The other night, my husband and I made a delicious dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with a salad. We ate and we enjoyed and I was full.  Funny thing is, I was hungry again two hours later.


I asked myself, “Should I be hungry after eating such a luscious balanced meal?”

I even went so far as to worry that eating something in addition to my dinner would make me gain weight.


My Body Knowledge wisdom between you and your body eating in a conversation:


Thankfully, after a few minutes I was able to overcome how my mind thought my body “should” feel and just pay attention to what me and my body needed.

Note: This article will not be getting into balance of carbs and protein for your body or emotional eating loopholes

Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership

Rest of Story

I grabbed some lemon yogurt and sat down to watch a show with my husband. When I felt satisfied again, I put the yogurt away.



My coaching Message to you is this:


There are all kinds of “shoulds” our culture wants us to believe about our bodies.

From what time of day we should be hungry to what kind of workouts we should be doing, we are faced with constant pressure about how we should treat our bodies if we want to look a certain way.

The truth is, no one knows what your body needs as well you and your body does! Tap into the fountain of health knowledge inside you and discover true body confidence for good.

My latest free eBook will help you take the first step towards that.

Bonus: Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership.

Do you ever ask yourself….

‘How can I lose weight and still feel comfortable in my body as we are in the process of transforming each other?’


The other day I was talking with a friend. She mentioned a time in her life when she weighed about 20 pounds more than she ever had.

My immediate thoughts:

I was waiting to hear her shame her own body with phrases like,

  • “I look so disgusting.”
  • “I hate myself in the mirror.”
  • “I just want to look skinny again.”

But here’s what surprised me!

She talked about her body with respect and love. She said she didn’t feel as healthy or strong with the extra weight. She said she stopped caring for her body the way she had before.

In other words, this friend was listening to her body rather than judging her.

This is the core of the Body Knowledge System®. She gets it and practices it. Yeah!

This is the process I want for those of you who are listening and want to know more.


So, instead of setting out to lose weight and get thin again, she set out to love her body by listening to what she needed. And the result was feeling comfortable with the weight her body and she wanted. I am so excited for my friend!

Side note:

She said the results were not overnight, but she believes that by reconnecting with her body and embracing her Body Knowledge System® Style she redefined her relationship with her body to create the new process of eating to allow each other (her and her body) to breathe and find a common ground of acceptance.

During this process of implementing and acknowledging her Body Knowledge System® Style she simply spoke of how amazing she feels! And she also likes how she looks.

And by knowing her Body knowledge System® Style the weight loss was easier and looking and feeling with her body had renewed energy and acceptance.

Check out the link above for the Body Knowledge System ® Style guide around Eating and You.

over idulgenceThis week I want to talk about avoiding cycles of over and/or under indulgence.

You’ll learn the value of listening to your body and giving her what she wants and needs!


I used to drink frozen coffee drinks all the time. I’m not talking about an iced coffee; I’m talking about the tall plastic cup with a dome-shaped lid filled with a caffeinated milkshake and whipped cream.

You’ve probably had one, right? If you have, you know they’re delicious.

Whenever I passed a Starbucks I would stop and get one and I would drink the whole thing. I never checked in with my body to see if I really wanted one or not. I just thought, “I love Frappuccino’s so I’m going to get one.”

This wasn’t just my approach to coffee. It was my approach to food in general. Needless to say, one day I realized I was getting heavier than I wanted to be.

Under Indulgence

So, I swung in the opposite direction. I began to restrict my calorie intake and that meant no more frozen coffee drinks.

Soon, I became so deprived of food that I started to be obsessed with it.

The Frappuccino’s are a great example of this. I forbid myself to drink them except on rare occasions.

When I did allow myself one, it was all I thought about. I would limit my food intake that day to give me room for the extra calories that would permit me to indulge with the coffee drink all day.

Body Balance

Fast forward a few years and my experience is quite different. Now, I listen to my body.

Turns out, my body knows what she needs. When I listen to her, it helps me stay balanced.

The other day, I was in the airport and I thought, “Hmm. One of those drinks sounds really good.”

So, I got one. You know what? It was delicious, but it wasn’t a big deal. I enjoyed most of the drink, but when I felt full I tossed it in the trash with a couple sips left in the bottom and moved on with my day.

Besides writing this article, I haven’t thought about that coffee drink since the airport. I’m too busy living my life.

Are you ready to break the cycle and find true happiness with your own body?

Download my free eBook today!

Food choices

Do you feel like there is a missing link between you and your body when it comes to making food choices? What you eat creates the energy to move through your daily routines and interactions with your loved ones so it’s a pretty important decision.

BUT it has come to my attention that as we listen to experts that share their knowledge of nutrients and food choices, I realized they tend to sometimes ignore what our bodies really want.

So how can we join forces with these educators and our own body?

Find out what your Body Knowledge Style (from my Body Knowledge System®) is with creating food choices.  Enhance how you create your food choices between you, your body and the Experts.

Find out if you are Organized, Analytical, Spontaneous or Inspirational. Click here to take the short quiz! And by the way, you have all four styles in you but two will be most dominant.
Understanding your styles will help you listen to your body to make the best food choices between you and her.  Plus, when you submit the quiz I will give you a free blurb from my book on how to incorporate Body Knowledge System® styles into making the right food choices.

Have fun learning more about yourself!

healthy lifestyle
Nutritionists have told us for years to eat three square meals a day. It’s deeply ingrained in us to eat a protein-vegetable-starch meal. At schools and in the doctor’s office, this chart is on the wall.

This is the standard way to eat. If you follow the standard you will be tall, blonde, thin and rich, right?

Wrong! You have your own way of doing it, and you have the right to doing it your own way.

You may have already discovered what works for you. You just haven’t given yourself permission to relax around it and recognize that it serves you well.

You may already be grazing all day long, picking up fruits and vegetables here and there, and eating small meals that don’t necessarily feature heavy proteins.

You already know you like to eat light, unprocessed foods. So why are you telling yourself you have to do it their way? It’s because their way has become the standard.

No More Should’s!

This is the section of “no more shoulds!” The standard now, today, right here is you! It’s hard to get out of these entrenched ideas—and this is just one example. For a long time, people have believed that if you’re a smart human being, you follow the standard. Just do these things: three square meals a day and 30 to 60 minutes of exercise three times a week, and you’ll be healthy.

  • Accept right now that your way is OK.
  • Accept that you are already part of the way there.
  • Accept that your style will get you where you want to go.

Your style has been expressing itself all along, whether or not you have been conscious of it or have acted on it. You already know it. When behaving according to your style, it brings joy. When behaving according to someone else’s style, struggles occur. Ironically, when things go smoothly, you don’t notice. However, you certainly pay attention during difficulties.

Whenever we struggle, it’s our body’s signal that we are not doing something in our own style. Relief, freedom and joy are the signal that you have hit upon something—the way to do it in your own style.

Eating is a pleasure. It’s a time to stop and taste life. It’s a way of communing with others sharing
your life with them. Savoring your food is a way to come awake in your body. It’s a way to thank your body, to be grateful in your aliveness.

Sometimes we forget this. We forget that it’s really so simple. Our pleasure with food depends on how it feels in the body. How does it taste in your mouth? How does it feel in your tummy? How does your body feel after you eat—is he/she nourished? Does he/she feel light or heavy? Does he/she feel guilty or lethargic or joyful and energized?

Your relationship with eating becomes easier when you are conscious of your body’s relationship with food. The heaviness or lightness you experience depends on the environment, the season, the weather, and the taste of the food itself. Pay attention to how your body experiences food in the moment. Do that one thing, and you’ll know what to eat—all the time, every day.

People are like cats and dogs. They will eat whatever food is put in front of them. We are quite used to being told what to eat and how much to eat. Whatever we are served—or whatever is handy—that’s what we eat. Holding the relationship with your body sacred means asking your body what he/she wants.

Turkey day is rapidly approaching and along with that, of course, comes the mashed potatoes, the pecan pie, the champagne, etc. etc.

Speaking of the Holidays, most people take one of two approaches to them.  Does either of these approaches sound like you??


  1. “I am going to enjoy the great food and company right now but inside I know I’m not bringing my body’s needs to the table so I will feel guilty tomorrow. There has got to be a better compromise-a better way!”
  2. “I know I’m going to regret this in a few weeks, but hell, that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right?”

Those are NOT your only two options so I’m here to teach you the third (and best) option.

During the months of November, December and January, I’m opening my “one-on-one through the Holidays” personalized support directly to you! 


Make this Holiday season different.  Let me hold your hand through Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that by the time New Year’s Eve hits, you can still fit in that black dress or those slim, comfortable black pants that you look so attractive wearing.

So if this sounds like something you need. . . if you know it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for over the Holidays for a while now, get started today!

  1. Go to my contact page and fill out the form.
  2. You will hear from me shortly to make dates for us for November, December and January. We’ll meet 2 times per month by phone plus participate in two group sessions in January. 
  3. To get us in full gear contact me by Tuesday November 12th or sooner!

With the black dress in mind,


PopcornThis week, let’s talk about “that buttered popcorn smell”.  Surely you know what I’m talking about… has this ever happened to you?



You’re at home, getting ready to leave.  Your movie is in about an hour, and you’re feeling a little hungry, but you had a good lunch.  You think to yourself, “No big deal, I can totally wait till dinner.

You finish getting ready, hop in the car, and head towards the theater… and slowly… your stomach starts growling… but again, you think to yourself, “Dinner is in 2 1/2 hours.  I’m fine.”


You park the car and walk up to the box office to grab your tickets.  And then, as you pull open the lobby doors, it happens… “that buttered popcorn smell”… and it envelopes and takes over your entire mind, body and spirit!  You can’t run, you can’t hide… it’s EVERYWHERE. 

You do your best to ignore it, but it’s just not possible.  As you’re walking to your seat, you see her.  The girl behind the counter has transformed into a beautiful siren… and she’s beckoning you to come get a large popcorn (it’s only 75 cents more, you know).

And that stomach of yours?  The one that you thought was perfectly content?  It’s now howling at you!  Demanding the popcorn!  NOW!  

She, (your body) says, “There’s no way I can make it to dinner!  Are you crazy??”

And then you think to yourself, “Well… I mean… everyone else is doing it…”

But you escape (or so you think).  You duck into a bathroom.  But the smell is still there, permeating the room.  So you speed-walk to the theater… and the guy next to you has a huge bucket of popcorn!  

Finally, you collapse under the weight of the aroma.

You approach the siren.  Your eyes lock with hers.  And the deal is done.  You return to the theater with a large bucket of popcorn.  You eat the whole thing.  And you feel like crap when it’s over.




Want to know the way out?  Want to know how to render the siren behind the counter powerless?  Want to know how to conquer the buttered popcorn smell forever?

If you’re ready to learn how to:

  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Conquer your environment
  • Be in control of your life
  • And master the secret “tupperware strategy”…

Then feel free to comment on this blog, email me or call me at (866) 76-COACH.






Holiday eatingAlthough hurricane Sandy has taken its toll on the Northeast including a lack of electricity for a couple of weeks now at my current residence, I wanted to let you know that I’m still able to offer my free tele-classes to you over the coming weeks!

The holidays can be a stressful time so now more than ever, it’s important for you to pay attention and connect with what your body is telling you.


November 17 at 2:30pm – Learn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 10 at 3:00pm – How to Listen to Your Body during the Holidays – Body Talk 101

  • Make exercise an enjoyable part of your day!
  • Jump off your weight loss plateau!

December 15 at 2:30pmLearn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 18 at 1:00pm How to find time for Movement with your body during this Holiday Season

  • There’s a relationship between your personality style and what exercise works best for you.
  • Discover your ideal movement/exercise style so you’re empowered to create a fitness strategy that you will look forward to everyday!


Make this Holiday season different.  Let me hold your hand through Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that by the time New Year’s Eve hits, you can still fit in that black dress that you look so good in.  

So if you know this is right for you . . . if you know it’s exactly what you’ve needed over the Holidays for a while now, get started today by clicking on the session you want above!

If the dates or times of these free group teleclasses are not convenient for you, contact me directly so we can create a date and time between us so that you can still experience and practice this Holiday Material.

Little Black DressWith the black dress in mind.

I know the holidays are still a couple months away, but I’m going to go ahead and say it…

New Year ResolutionEnough with New Year’s Resolutions!

For most people, the holidays are a time of enjoying food, family and friends.  And after they’re over . . . they find themselves in a self-deprecating pit.

So — they do what everybody else does, and they vow to go to the gym five times a week to atone for their “sins” that they’ve committed over the past weeks and months.

Enough Already!

I remember how that used to feel.  And it’s terrible.  But I found a way to not only experience true freedom during the holidays, but every month that followed, too.

And I want that for you.

So, during the months of November, December and January, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

Healthy HolidayI’m calling them holiday “bite-size” coaching sessions, supporting a healthier you.  I know you’re busy during the holidays, (so am I), so I’m making this super flexible for both of us.

We’ll do twice a month, half hour sessions (during a time that’s good for both of us) and I’ll give you the tips, techniques and tools that you need to be proactive this Holiday season … NOT reactive.

And by the time January rolls around . . . you’ll be joining me in saying, “Enough with resolutions!” because you won’t need to make any. Because you won’t be feeling fat and out of sorts with your Body like you may normally feel.

I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

And I know that funds get tight around the holidays.  So, I’m offering you the lowest price I’ve ever offered before.  Like ever.

Normally, 8 hours of my time would cost you $900.  Not this time.  I’ve decided to cut that by a third.

No, that’s not a typo.  It will only be $297 (my Holiday gift to you).

Here’s how to get started . . .

1.  Go here (NOT a sales page) and fill out this quick contact info form.

2.  Sit tight and you’ll be hearing from me shortly.

It’s that easy.  Only $37.13 per coaching session . . . and that’s a bite size price (total due by November 10th — after that the price goes up to $397).  Two (2) 1/2 hour coaching sessions each month at a time that is flexible for both of us plus 2 more group sessions in January.

So if you know this is right for you . . . if you know it’s exactly what you’ve needed over the Holidays for a while now, fill out this form, and we’ll be connecting in no time.

To abolishing resolutions!

Holiday stressIt’s true that for some folks, the Fall season is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  But for others, it’s also the “most fattening time of the year”.

My question to you: Why does it have to be one way or the other?

Maybe you’re worried about gaining the five, dreaded holiday pounds.  Maybe you’re torn between enjoying all of those holiday goodies . . .

. . . and worrying about if you’d ever recover from your indulgence.

The holidays can be wonderful, but also stressful on many levels.

However, with the right practices in place, you can:

  • Say NO to weight gain over the Holidays
  • Stop the struggle between your body and your food
  • Learn how to make this part of your lifestyle forever
  • And avoid the holiday stress!

So, I’m offering a 90 minute Lifestyle Holiday Retreat on Saturday November 10th at 2:30pm Etd to help you zero in on solving the challenges specific to this special time of year. You’ll get the information you need . . . exactly when you need it.

Sign up here!

In this class we will:

  • Address the areas around food, exercise, & family relationships that help us feel good or bad.
  • Learn three specific Body Knowledge System® skills to help you find the choices that fit you.
  • Have time for you to ask questions and get guidance on your needs.

If you’re tired of just “getting through” the holidays, then free yourself and join me for a 90 minute Teleseminar by telephone, in the comfort of your own home on November 10th 2012 starting at 2:30 pm Eastern.


When you sign up before October 26th you will also receive a no cost ‘Healthier You’ Session with me. Schedule it now. Again you must sign up before October 26th to receive this session for absolutely no cost.  It’s my holiday gift to you.

PS. Can’t stand the weight gain and want to enjoy the Holiday Season? Then read on….

Let’s begin to be best friends with our bodies…

Here is what I know to be true:-)

  • As you maintain communication with your body, you’ll discover your style by applying principles that will liberate you and away from other peoples’ standards.
  • You will shift your emphasis from outside yourself and your body back where it originated and still belongs: within yourself.
  • As you practice being more clear about your relationship with your body, you can adapt to any event.
  • You will see life benefits that extend beyond what you had considered pertaining only to the body— exercise and eating. You may see that you deeply enjoy your work when you are in an authentic, thriving partnership with your body. You may find more sacred connections in your everyday life— connections that weren’t apparent before.

Sign up today!

To your Health and Happiness,


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