"Allow your Body’s wisdom to take center stage in your dance of life."


Last week on the “View” a kerfuffle occurred between two conservative on-air journalists referring to the “No Excuses” movement popular among new moms who are having trouble losing their “baby” weight. Since these women are on the same side of the political spectrum, what could go wrong?


Since they agree on politics, what was left to discuss?

Bodies, fat bodies, and not on politicians, no women’s bodies!

If you are an on-air personality, you are aware that the camera can add pounds to everyone’s body. However, men can cover it with a well-tailored suit, and more to the point, their value is not determined by the size of their bodies.

On the 50th anniversary of Barbie dolls becoming our cultural icon, apparently things haven’t changed as much we’d like in terms of our gender’s value to our culture.

After an off-hand remark by Megyn Kelly approving the “no excuses” fat shaming approach to motivation, she received so much negative backlash, she clarified her remarks the next day by insisting she loathes shaming of any kind directed at any body.

Meghan McCain whose response after the original comment indicated that Ms. Kelly was dead wrong, as she knows her size has nothing to do with her job performance, or the confidence she has in herself and her body.



June, the month for brides, especially for those of us “of a certain age” when weddings followed graduations as just one more rite of passage. Ideally, you diet yourself to the point of fainting when you zip up the dress several sizes smaller than you usually wear. Your hair has a posture of its own in height and form, your make up is just this side of “clown” to enhance those immortal pictures.

There’s every reason to feel as confident of your appearance as you did on the day you married the love of your life, or the next one(s)!

It’s all about your body, and how you feel about her.

And that begins with how she feels about you—

Say, What?

How my body feels about me?


I don’t get it.

You will as soon as you learn the Body Knowledge System® and there’s only one way to do that:

Contact Coach Stephanie Wood, founder of the Body Knowledge System® the sustainable solution to body confidence!


Other than celebrating years of hard work, persistent dedication to a worthy goal, and an 8×11 framed degree for your wall, women get to cover all those perceived body flaws with the flowing robes rented from the “gown” shop.

Graduation from High School, College, Grad School are major rites of passage that do not require extreme dieting and exercising prior to the event, thanks to the requirement of a rented flowing robe to attend the event.

Then, what?

The robe comes off and the next day of your life begins!

Do you anticipate the opportunities your new degree provides?

Do you look forward to the accomplishments you are now qualified to do?

Do you step into your first new job interview with a smile on your face and strength in your handshake?

If your answer to any of these queries is anything but a resounding YES! Then it’s time to rediscover your body confidence.

One simple email or phone call to Coach Stephanie Wood will solve any body confidence concerns!


Have you been asked to be in a friend’s wedding this year?

Beyond the expense of a dress, hair, makeup, gifts, parties, and travel if it’s a “destination” wedding, is the assault on your ego if you think the only reason you are included is to make the bride look good.

Ok that sounds cynical, because it is cynical—and if that’s your first reaction to the “honor” it’s not the bride’s problem, it’s yours!

It’s about your Body Confidence, or lack of it.

Time to turn the page on your self-esteem journal, because this is the one time in your life that the worse you look is a gift to your friend whose day it really is!

Your job is to frame the bride for her special moment in the spotlight.

Of course, we know all women are competitive. You don’t see the groomsmen worrying about the fit of their rented tuxes, do you? However, the bridesmaids are not in a beauty contest, as the bride has already won the day!

This may be the ONLY DAY in your adult life when body confidence is totally irrelevant! So relax, climb into that ugly, and probably expensive bridesmaid’s dress destined for the donation bag the following week, and party on!

For the other 364 days of the year, when your body confidence journal reflects your self esteem’s ups and downs, create more ups than downs with a quick call to Coach Stephanie Wood, your body confidence champion!

body confidence

A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like” by Ashley Graham debuted this week with a national publicity tour and rave reviews.  As the voice of the body positive movement, Ms. Graham has expanded her modeling career to include television appearances and becoming a clothing designer and entrepreneur to prove that curvy girls can do it, too!

Since there are more curvy girls and women than stereotypical runway models, publishing this book is another step forward to ending body shaming forever.  As the Barnes & Noble’s review of “A New Model” says,

“A woman who proves that when it comes to beauty, size is just a number, she is the voice for the body positivity movement today and a role model for all women—no matter their individual body type, shape, or weight.”

A model since aged 13, Ms. Graham almost abandoned her career at age 18, when her mother told her, “It doesn’t matter what you think about your body, because your body is supposed to change somebody’s life.”  A decade later, she affirmed her mother’s sage advice in an interview in the current issue of VOGUE magazine,

I’ve used my body as a tool to talk about taboo subjects, such as cellulite or being insecure about lower belly fat—and also [how to] talk life into your body and have an affirmation kind of conversation with yourself. ”

You, too, are a champion for Body Confidence through your use of the Body Knowledge System ®.   To find out how, contact Stephanie Wood.

You are beautiful

You are Beautiful” is not just an empty affirmation. It’s a movement started by a Chicago artist who posted billboard signs, wall murals, and other notices all over the city. A small business with a large idea in Chicago grabbed Oprah’s attention and support with their message on walls, billboards, and now products.

I saw it on GMA’s Deals and Steals last week, and of course reading these signs in an instant reminder of  Body Confidence to all who see it.

T Shirts, stickers, posters etc. available on their website. It’s a great way to start your day, and spread the message of the body knowledge system.

Your body knows you are beautiful!

Let the world know what your body knows!

Stop Body Shaming Now!

On to Body Confidence, one step at a time!

Your Body Confidence, You are Beautiful! Pass it on!

For more information: Contact Coach Stephanie,

Who knew that for “so many years I’d go to bed and be like, ‘Please wake up with Kate Moss’ body,” said reality star Kelly Osborne to USA Today in Tuesday’s interview for her book launch.  She continued to say, “Please wake up with all these different things that would make me accepted and fit in…and it’s so miserable.

body confidence

Photo credit: Jordan StraussInvisionAP


Those miserable feelings of not fitting in because of our appearance may be the only thing we have in common with Kelly Osborne and other celebrities who appear regularly on talk shows, podcasts, and book covers to share their body shaming stories with the rest of us.

Who knew that behind the couturier clothing, $300 haircuts, and fabulous appearances at the “in” places to be, those women we envy share moments of misery based on the false pressure to be something they aren’t: Perfect.

After many years of therapy, Kelly concludes “It’s Ok not to be perfect. Some of us already know that and without years of therapy, because who can afford all those hours spent on some high paid professional’s couch to tell us what we already know from our body’s knowledge?

We are already flawless! Excellent in every way!

How do we know? When we communicate with our bodies, she tells us so!

All we must do is listen!

How to we listen?


We get up and move! Try it now:

  • Stand up,
  • Breathe in,
  • Reach up,
  • Breathe out,
  • Step up!

There, feeling “excellent”!

If not there yet, repeat.

That’s your body knowledge in action.

For more information, contact me!

The essence of my Beauty Knowledge System is changing the conversation with yourself. Together we learn to communicate with our bodies and the result of that communication creates a natural approach to body confidence.

This concept is catching!

beauty sick

Award winning psychologist, Dr. Renee Engeln, PhD, based her new best seller, “Beauty Sick” on solving our cultural body shaming crisis with changing the conversations with have with each other, with our daughters, and with ourselves.

Dr. Renee Engeln’s  “Beauty Sick” addresses the harm body shaming does to all women’s body image. Her Tedx talks on that damage have received over a quarter million viewers. After identifying the far reaching negative effects on women, she provides realistic solutions to recovering our power, our promise and our true selves.

“Today’s young woman face a bewildering set of contradictions when it comes to beauty:

  • They don’t want to be Barbie dolls but, like generations of women before them they are told they must look like them.
  • Angry about the media’s treatment of women but, hungrily consume the very outlets that belittle them.
  • Mock modern culture’s absurd beauty ideal and make videos exposing Photoshopping tricks, but feel pressured to emulate the same images they criticize by posing with a “skinny arm.”
  • Understand what they see isn’t real, but still download apps to airbrush their selfies.
  • Ready to fight back against their beauty sick culture, they need a way forward to create a different world for themselves.” Amazon Review

Every woman in the world knows the symptoms of beauty sickness. Every time she compares herself to the image on a screen, on the pages of a magazine, on an Instagram image on her cell phone, her negative reaction to her own appearance is a symptom of the national epidemic.

It will “take a village” to cure this cancer assaulting our self-esteem.

Become a part of the promise guaranteed by a better body image, one confident woman at a time!

Contact me, and together we’ll Stop the Body Shaming Now!

Ah, Men!

They’re Finally Joining the Movement to Banish Body Shaming.

body shaming

These men were upset their body types were not represented on the runway. (Can this be true?)

This picture shows men resembling our brothers, husbands, fathers, and sons reacting to male body shaming at LONDON FASHION WEEK

Perhaps there’s hope for all of us…

Men – yes, men – real men, normal men, protested the lack of their representation at the recent London Fashion Week.  They were offended that the male models on the runway were the tall, skinny prototype seen at female fashion shows. Does the fashion industry focus on “every man” or only the tall skinny men appearing on runways, and in magazines?

It’s about time they know how their girlfriends, sisters, daughters and mothers feel about the body shaming that occurs hourly in modern fashion media.

#fashionforeveryman is their tagline.

What about #fashionforeverywoman?

When you google that hashtag, the skinny female counterparts show up wearing designer clothing in size “0”s.

Every woman?

I think not!

Perhaps #fashionforeveryBODY?

That eliminates the gender bias and makes “fashion” accessible to everyday people, not human coat hangers.

Hey, we’ve put up with that for years, so it’s good to know there are sensitive men out there who may now understand the unnecessary pain caused by that perceived “put down”.

I hope this is the beginning to the end of body shaming!

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