"Your body is not the enemy."


A + B = C

Attraction + Body Knowledge = Body Confidence!

That algebra equation is years behind all of us, but the validity of its results continues to be true today! As a Body Confidence Coach combining the principles of “Attraction” with the practice of my “Body Knowledge System®” the result has yielded Body Confidence, with a capital “C”!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, and how I apply it in my Body Knowledge System® coaching practice, I have clarified these 2 methodologies below☺

The Law of Attraction is based upon contrasting your negative thinking into the energy of positive thinking. My Body Knowledge System® takes that one giant step farther with a practical way of including your body in this process.

1.  Identify what we want to attract into our lives: Body Confidence.

2.  Identify what we don’t want in our lives: Body Shame.

3.  Apply positive energy, as found in the Body Knowledge System® to achieve Body Confidence.


The Missing Piece in Law of Attraction is the Body Knowledge System®


My Body Knowledge System® enters the equation with intentional focused ACTION to achieve your goal with Practical components to help you feel that body confidence can be easily accessible all the time on your own terms.


Body Confidence Begins with Your Body!

In fact, to fully use the power available in the Law of Attraction, the first step is to communicate with your body to determine the intentions you both want to achieve. After all, she is your BFF, and she knows what’s best for both of you!

Once you agree that body confidence is a missing part in your life, and is therefore a reasonable and achievable intention; shame around your body dissolves immediately.


Enter the Body Knowledge System® and Instant Body Confidence!


At first, you may think that your body has little or nothing to do with the practice or performance of the Law of Attraction.

And where does your energy reside? In your body, of course!

All the cells, organs, synapses rely on energetic connections to perform the functions we need to live and grow in health. Within your body is the solution to creating the life you want as soon as you can harness all that energy and focus it in a positive direction.

Begin with your personal Body Knowledge to experience Body Confidence in a practical and sustainable process.

In a nutshell ( summation)

The Body Knowledge System® depends on pure positive energy from you and your body to get what you want.  The relationship you establish with your body determines the expression of all energy emitting into the universe.

The results from your Law of Attraction practice depend on the quality of the energy you are sending into the universe.  How can you expect results from a practice that totally relies on the positive energy you emit for it to work, when you ignore your body as the origin of all your energy?


Yes, we often take our bodies for granted when all parts are functioning normally. She gets us up in the morning, provides the energy to get us to work and play, and allows us to do the “heavy lifting” physically, mentally and emotionally in our daily lives.  And when we notice we’re tired from the daytime activities, she puts us to bed at night.

Let’s not overlook; she provides us the focus to practice the tools and techniques of Law of Attraction for the process to benefit us. Our bodies provide us the commitment to our intentions.

Body Confidence Begins with Your Body!

If we communicate with her effectively, we understand the patience it takes to achieve those intentions. In many ways, it is our bodies who determine the success of those goals.

How can we expect success in our practice of the Law of Attraction without an intimate knowledge of our bodies? We need to know her wants, needs, desires, and most of all, her knowledge about achieving what’s best for both of us.

It’s not as hard as it seems, in fact, it’s easy and should be the first step in anyone’s practice of the Law of Attraction to maximize, and yes, speed up the positive results of your process! If Body Confidence is your objective, your first step should be learning about the Body Knowledge System® and applying it immediately.

After developing the Body Knowledge System® to serve my coaching clients’ needs for a sustainable solution to their issues with their bodies, I realized that as soon as their intentions were clarified, they blossomed with renewed body confidence. Body issues dissipated which created a sense of accomplishment. All is good.

To your freedom,
Coach Stephanie


More specifically, do you have anxiety around your body’s image?

At times in our life, we have anxiety about our appearance, our bodies.

Blemishes, Bed Head, and Belly Bloat?

Bad Hair Days, the zit on the end of your nose before the class or company picture, monthly bloat, or shopping for a bathing suit, bridal gown, or business suit, sends the stress meter through the top. The Body Knowledge System® gets you past those anxious moments by giving you the tools to cope with events, circumstances beyond your control. Better yet, the Body Knowledge System® teaches you how to take back the control you were born with.

Pause, Breathe, Share, then Practice your BKS® Practice…

When facing any of the above-mentioned stressors, simply talk to your body, and await her answer. Those who know and use the Body Knowledge System® often need a reminder when the anxious moments override your everyday actions. For those of you who have yet to experience the benefits of the Body Knowledge System®, help is as easy as an email away.


It’s that time of year again. What costume are you going to wear this year for Halloween? The slinky, sexy number that belongs on Dancing with the Stars, or the sheet from Ghost Busters?

Body Shame selects the sheet, Body Confidence picks the flowing gown that brings out the best in you? If you’re still finding a cover up to hide behind instead of the tailored figure fitting number featured in the fashion forward departments of modern boutiques and name brand stores, listen up!

It’s time to step into the sunshine of today’s body knowledge! It’s not about self-conscious, it’s about self-acceptance.

Self-conscious is negative, self-acceptance is positive.

Which will you choose?

Whether you wear a king size sheet, or a pillow case for your costume, it’s not the wrapping that’s attractive, it’s the contents.

The trick is the negativity from self-conscious shame, the treat is the positive energy that attracts other positive people into your environment.

Make this Halloween all about the Treats!

Contact Coach Stephanie for today’s Body Confident Treat!

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