"Your body speaks up for you when you do not speak up for yourself."

Do you ever ask yourself….

‘How can I lose weight and still feel comfortable in my body as we are in the process of transforming each other?’


The other day I was talking with a friend. She mentioned a time in her life when she weighed about 20 pounds more than she ever had.

My immediate thoughts:

I was waiting to hear her shame her own body with phrases like,

  • “I look so disgusting.”
  • “I hate myself in the mirror.”
  • “I just want to look skinny again.”

But here’s what surprised me!

She talked about her body with respect and love. She said she didn’t feel as healthy or strong with the extra weight. She said she stopped caring for her body the way she had before.

In other words, this friend was listening to her body rather than judging her.

This is the core of the Body Knowledge System®. She gets it and practices it. Yeah!

This is the process I want for those of you who are listening and want to know more.


So, instead of setting out to lose weight and get thin again, she set out to love her body by listening to what she needed. And the result was feeling comfortable with the weight her body and she wanted. I am so excited for my friend!

Side note:

She said the results were not overnight, but she believes that by reconnecting with her body and embracing her Body Knowledge System® Style she redefined her relationship with her body to create the new process of eating to allow each other (her and her body) to breathe and find a common ground of acceptance.

During this process of implementing and acknowledging her Body Knowledge System® Style she simply spoke of how amazing she feels! And she also likes how she looks.

And by knowing her Body knowledge System® Style the weight loss was easier and looking and feeling with her body had renewed energy and acceptance.

Check out the link above for the Body Knowledge System ® Style guide around Eating and You.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked the question, “Why are we even talking about body confidence?”

We’re talking about it because it provides true freedom for you in all areas of your life!

And we are very excited to see that someone in the fashion world truly embracing and promoting body confidence!




Fashion designer Michael Kors recently included a plus-size model (meaning a model beyond size 12) in his runway show! He also made some great comments about body confidence for women of all body types.

runway model


From the Huffington Post, Kors said:

“I don’t like it when the models all look the same,” he said at the time. “To me it’s so incredibly boring to turn them into mannequins; it’s so much more interesting if we have different ages, ethnicities, body types, heights.”

“The show was about strength and sensuality, and also about the diversity that we see here in New York that has inspired me my whole life,” he said. “There were models in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, models who are petite, tall, and curvy, models who are tomboys and others who are bombshells. My whole career, I’ve dressed a huge variety of people, because my job is to make everyone look great and feel more confident.”

How wonderful it was to see so many different body types gracefully moving down the runway.

We hope this is the beginning to giving all body types the confidence to see themselves reflected in models who represent “their” body!

Bravo Michael Kors for refusing to perpetuate the unhealthy eating disorder culture of modeling! He chose to promote the beauty of the diversity of various body types!




My friend your unique body confidence matters.  And I want to help you.

Why not start with my 2nd edition eBook, Five Easy Steps to a Better Body Image.

You can also listen to some of my radio shows (only ½ hour each) with Debi Talbert to give you the experience of my Body Knowledge System ® with the sprinkling of Law of Attraction principles.  Download here. 

Both of these offerings share some of the information you need to get past the decades of low body confidence you’ve experienced.

It’s time to take control, take charge of becoming the confident woman our body wants us to be.

Hey there,

It’s Coach Stephanie, and I’m wondering if you remember the song “Treat Her Like A Lady” by Cornelius Ray and Sister Rose?

That song embodies the principles behind the practice of the Body Knowledge System®.

(We’ll listen to it here in a minute).

Your body deserves attention beyond the basics of food, shelter, clothing, and exercise. Your body deserves your RESPECT. and that requires your knowledge of her needs, wants, and desires. In exchange for that, your body shares her wisdom with you.

Wisdom? Doesn’t that reside in your mind?

No, not all of it.

So, how do you access that wisdom? Through your practice of the Body Knowledge System®.

Let’s Listen And Move…

Try this:

  1. Pick a number between 1 and 10 to represent a scale of your current mood: 1 being sad (pessimistic) all the way to 10 being happy (optimistic).
  1. Watch the video below:

3) Stand up and MOVE to the music… just listen & MOVE!

4) If you feel like it, keep moving to the music.

5) Now, where are you on the mood scale? I’ll bet it increased.

Keep moving to the music, or any music, until you’ve reached a “10”.

Embrace the feeling, enjoy the feeling, and engage your body in a commitment to continue to the feeling into your future.

Join Our Online Community

Join our online community of women who are learning RESPECT. and beginning the conversation as to what this means to you with other like-minded women!

  1. Use this form to contact me and enter “Google Plus Groups” in the comments.
  2. Then look out for my personalized invitation to join us! [Body Confidence with Stephanie Wood]

It’s that easy! And once you get my invite and accept, you are now part of this warm community. You’ll see the videos we’re recording to supplement these articles (and be able to have relevant conversations that you’re interested in to learn and laugh with each other plus share what you are involved with).

See you “on the inside” :)


mind body

When you’re hungry or tired, do you listen to your body or to your mind first?

Here are a couple of examples so you know what I mean.


Scenario #1: When to Eat

Your body says: I’m hungry!

Your mind says: You’re going out to dinner in an hour and a half! You know you’re not supposed to eat before dinner!

Your body says: But I ran errands, worked out, and cleaned up the house!  I’m not gonna make it over here!

Your mind says: Please just hold out and wait for your Supper.
Who wins?


Scenario #2: When to Rest.

Your body says: I’m tired!

Your mind says: Tired? We have a plan, remember? You told me you’d walk the dog today!

Your body says: But I’ve walked the dog six days in a row! It’s Sunday, and I want a break!

Your mind says: A break? Are you kidding me? Get that word out of your vocabulary. We’ve gotta go, go, go!
Who wins this one?

Interesting scenarios huh? So what would you do if I told you I can help you make those negotiations with your mind and body a much easier process?

Yes, you are one in the same with your mind, body and spirit but each one has a different objective.  The Body Knowledge System™ can help you.  Contact me with your challenge and we can set up a free Healthier You Consultation at your convenience.

Learn how to answer this question for yourself – when I am hungry or tired, I will listen to _________.

healthy lifestyleHere is a sample of more conversations I have been having with those who are experiencing the Healthy Lifestyle Resource Kit

Q.  What’s the difference between my “body brain” and my “brain brain”?

A.  When my client referred to her “body brain” on the audio, she referred to her body’s intelligence— the essence of my system.  When we respect our body’s innate intelligence; learn to access and share it; learn to communicate back and forth, we will co-create a body knowledge system that works for you.

 -Dana S, Parker Ranch, CO

Q. What do you mean by “separation”, “estrangement” between me and my body?  I can’t go anywhere without her…

A. Nor can I, however,  I am ALWAYS CONSCIOUS of her presence where ever, whenever we are, and whatever we are doing while we’re doing it. Her support, her friendship, her input creates the life we both love!

-Leslie L, Frisco, TX

Q. When you talk about personal Styles, do you mean behavior?

A. Yes, and choices, activities, decisions you make based on so many factors genetically and environmentally influenced.  Some of us are RE-ACTORS who try the latest fad diet, exercise craze, shoe style foisted upon us by the media. Others are PRO-ACTORS, the pioneers, the seekers who keep trying any and everything until they find something that works—for a while. The Styles express your natural selection, intrinsic solutions, in other words, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

-Mildred Q, Philadelphia, PA

My system teaches you how to identify your style in every area of your life, and then how to incorporate it into your life. One Style does NOT FIT ALL, and may not apply to every area in your life…find out which style fits each activity with Your Body Knowledge System.

Go here and get it now!

EntertainingWhen you apply the Body Knowledge System®, you and your body will host a very successful event with confidence, because you are doing it your way! When you obligated yourself to provide the celebration, you owe it to yourself to celebrate with your guests. When you have a great time, a glorious time; your guests will share in your spirit, especially the affection everyone has for the HONORED GUEST.

  1. Become the generous hostess who provides all your guests people with all of the food, frolic and fun but please yourself and your body first—
  2. Work WITH your body when making decisions as to the Who-What-Where-When-How of the event. What makes her feel good, makes you feel good, too.  Fun for you, means fun for your guests!
  3. You are NOT responsible for anyone’s expectations, only your actions

No Early Bird Specials, Chez Stephanie!

Me timeI truly enjoy entertaining guests in my home. Rhythm (my body) and I take great delight giving dinner parties, because we schedule “Me Time” to take care of ourselves first.  After spending the morning giving to myself first, by the time the first guest arrives, Rhythm and I welcome them into our home in eager anticipation of giving to others.

PS: Why stop the celebration when the door closes behind the last guest?

Dance Your Practice and Practice Your Dance to keep the spirit going, and the spirits flowing.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, please contact me, or if you would like to be in a free group tele-class, learn more here.



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