"Your body is not the enemy."

pictures of baby smile

Of Course it does…

Look at any baby who’s been fed, watered, changed and put down in a comfy, warm container for a nap. Sometimes there’s a smile, but always that is a face of contentment.

After the initial parting scream when the baby emerged from mother’s womb to indicate his or her body’s discomfort, the baby’s body communicates his or her needs, wants, desires. The body’s cries are intended to get the caretaker’s attention to fix the body’s discomfort. When satisfaction is achieved, the cries cease.

Hence, the innate body confidence at birth.

For most of us, when our body communicated, our caretakers responded.

That connection fostered the body confidence in the future, until the estrangement began when we became outer-directed rather than inner directed.

But it’s never too late to return to our source: our body!


A Practical Practice to Body Proud

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And who is the “eye of the beholder” You!

What is the point of sneering, resenting, belittling your body?

Does it make you feel good? No!

Does it make you feel better? Definitely not!

And to point out the obvious, the eye of the beholder belongs to your body, so get over yourself!

Change the paradigm from judgment, criticism, and anger at the physical part of yourself that has taken such good care of you thus far…

You are reading this,

You are thinking about my message,

So, what are you going to do about it?

To feel good, to feel better, turn to where your feelings reside: your body!

To learn how to open those lines of communication vital to your well- being, begin with your body’s wisdom.

To learn how to access that knowledge, contact Coach Stephanie Wood for a free conversation on the Body Knowledge System®.

fear of shopping

Get over your body anxiety.  Discover your body confidence.

Take Action

To deal with the anxiety you feel about your body, you spend some time with her.

1) Find a Mirror

Look at yourself. Think of your body as a friend, and not an enemy.

Then SMILE at Your Body, because she’s smiling at YOU!

2) Talk with your Body

Be honest about your worries and concerns with her.

Maybe you feel, “Yuck, my baby weight is still there…”

Maybe you’ll start picking on her, “Thighs, elephant knees, where did my lap go?”

Maybe you see a few things you like. “Well, I still have my waist…”

Be honest about these words and emotions.

3) Learn to Listen to your Body

What does your body need from you?

“Next time, take the stairs.”

“I could use more water…”

Remember NO BODY is perfect!


mind body

The Body Knowledge System® won’t eliminate self-conscious moments, instead as soon as you learn my system and practice the parts that work for you, you will TAKE ACTION to deal with the anxiety and restore you and your body to normal.

What is your “normal”?

One of the many useful techniques available to those of us who practice the Body Knowledge System® regularly, is knowing what is “normal” for us. When I say, “us” I refer to each of my clients in the plural, because my system applies to the two of you who make up the total package: You!

Without getting into the metaphysical aspects of individual’s compositions, I deal with your mind and your body as one unit. Many of my clients complain to me that they live totally in their heads, so my insistence in acknowledging their body’s contribution to their lives meets with resistance. Those who object the loudest are the same women who haven’t given a moment’s positive thought to their physical sides in years, if not decades.

Mind-Body = Body-Mind Connection.

Much has been written about the mind-body connection, so I won’t belabor the point. Suffice it to say, my Body Knowledge System® sprang from that proven principle. Even for those of you who already believe you acknowledge that connection, my research indicates the need to go beyond mere acknowledgement and acceptance onto take ACTION to create a true connection, by establishing mutual communication channels.



More specifically, do you have anxiety around your body’s image?

At times in our life, we have anxiety about our appearance, our bodies.

Blemishes, Bed Head, and Belly Bloat?

Bad Hair Days, the zit on the end of your nose before the class or company picture, monthly bloat, or shopping for a bathing suit, bridal gown, or business suit, sends the stress meter through the top. The Body Knowledge System® gets you past those anxious moments by giving you the tools to cope with events, circumstances beyond your control. Better yet, the Body Knowledge System® teaches you how to take back the control you were born with.

Pause, Breathe, Share, then Practice your BKS® Practice…

When facing any of the above-mentioned stressors, simply talk to your body, and await her answer. Those who know and use the Body Knowledge System® often need a reminder when the anxious moments override your everyday actions. For those of you who have yet to experience the benefits of the Body Knowledge System®, help is as easy as an email away.

Body Image

Body Conscious

The ghost is back in the closet where it belongs, and you breathe a sigh of relief that you have 364 days to plan for next year’s costume decision. A glance at the calendar indicates you have enough time to do what it takes to get into that skinny, sexy black dress for this year’s Christmas party, or maybe by next Halloween to go as Vampira rather than Casper.

Body Confidence

However, time is NOT the issue. Your body is the issue, and it’s time you became aware of your body, not as your enemy, but as your BFF.  In order to get some body confidence for yourself, you can learn to accept your body for her support, and then welcome the guidance she’s ready to supply for both of you.

Body Knowledge

The Body Knowledge System® is the access point to your body’s friendship. As soon as you learn the system, you realize the benefits this new relationship with your body bestows upon both of you.

Contact Coach Stephanie Wood to learn more about it.


It’s that time of year again. What costume are you going to wear this year for Halloween? The slinky, sexy number that belongs on Dancing with the Stars, or the sheet from Ghost Busters?

Body Shame selects the sheet, Body Confidence picks the flowing gown that brings out the best in you? If you’re still finding a cover up to hide behind instead of the tailored figure fitting number featured in the fashion forward departments of modern boutiques and name brand stores, listen up!

It’s time to step into the sunshine of today’s body knowledge! It’s not about self-conscious, it’s about self-acceptance.

Self-conscious is negative, self-acceptance is positive.

Which will you choose?

Whether you wear a king size sheet, or a pillow case for your costume, it’s not the wrapping that’s attractive, it’s the contents.

The trick is the negativity from self-conscious shame, the treat is the positive energy that attracts other positive people into your environment.

Make this Halloween all about the Treats!

Contact Coach Stephanie for today’s Body Confident Treat!



A simple formula that works for more than acquiring body confidence,

A + B = C.  Beyond the first simple equation we learned in Algebra 1, and thought we’d never use again, yet there’s a reason those letters linger in our consciousness into adulthood. Regardless of what each letter represents, the result of the formula is true. Simply combine A and B in order to get C.

In this case, if you combine the law of Attraction with the Body knowledge system, the result will always be body Confidence. As a lifestyle coach for over a decade I have taught my clients the Body Knowledge System® with influence of the Law of Attraction built into the process…because both practices use the power of positivity.

The message is as simple as ABC, when you apply positive thinking to the Body Knowledge System®, good things happen.

Find out how by contacting Coach Stephanie Wood for a conversation about your Body Confidence!


The Law of Attraction works well for those who understand it, and as a certified Law of Attraction Coach, I understand the Law of Attraction and want to share it with you.

The Law of Attraction is a method of getting us what we want, or something better. As explained in a popular video, “The Secret”, over a decade ago, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. It’s basic karma: express positive feelings and receive positive results in return.

There are three basic principles:

  1. Identify what you want
  2. Eliminate what you don’t want
  3. Open yourself to receiving your desire or something better.

The problem with the basic formula is it overlooks a necessary element: action. For the Law of Attraction to be effective, the practitioner must take action. Without the energy action produces, there is no re-action (a primary law of thermodynamics). So without action, there is nothing for the Law of Attraction to use to return the desired results.

If you’re reading this, you are interested in acquiring Body Confidence for yourself. If you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, yet it is not delivering the results you want or expect, I have the solution for you: the Body Knowledge System®.

Beyond vision boards, meditation, and daydreams the Body Knowledge System® is the action that energizes the Law of Attraction for your Body Confidence!


As we discussed on Tuesday, understanding some of the hormones that aid or detract from our weight regulation efforts is part of our overall Body Knowledge. Understanding the roles of each hormone is already present in our body, but as her BFF we owe her awareness of the actions of those hormones. Too much of one, too little of the other will alter your metabolism in unfavorable ways.

If your objective is to lose weight, help your body along by feeling full after a satisfactory input of food. In other words, enhance the release Leptin not only by how much you choose to eat, but also what you choose.

There is an ironic twist to the balance between these two hormones: you have an ideal appestat set point, when you have exceeded it (ignoring your body’s signals to stop eating NOW!, or making consistently bad food choices, or comfort binging rather than responding to hunger signals) with a weight gain. Your appestat will re-set to accommodate the excess weight.


In this case: more is less.

The more weight you gain, the less leptin will be released to tell your body to STOP eating!

Find out more than you want to know at the website listed above. And how the Body Knowledge System® is the simple solution to restoring the balance between Ghrelin and Leptor.

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