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I get a lot of questions on “What is Cortisol and Why is it Making Me Fat?”

Well, cortisol is a hormone and when stressed these levels rise. Cortisol will increase blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and suppresses the immune system, which is part of the body’s fight-or-flight response. It has two effects on weight. At first it suppresses the appetite in order to do battle ‘fight or flight’, but then afterwards the cortisol will increase your appetite and store fat trying to get your body back into what it thinks is balance. It is thinking you should have used up the extra carbohydrates and fat while ‘fleeing’. It can also slow down your metabolism.

So you can be doing everything right as far as eating and exercise and still not be loosing weight do to stress and cortisol.

Here are some things to consider …

When your body is holding emotional and physical stress….your body is in defense so it produces again a hormone called cortisol. This will not harm you and what it will do is make your body hold onto unnecessary weight and make you feel ‘heavy.’

Now, with practice you can help yourself. You have to move with your body and acknowledge what she/he is feeling. Move your body. In this way the feeling will be less intense, and therefore move out of your body (thereby feeling lighter)…and when you feel lighter you make better choices in all areas of your life.

Cultivating optimum health is a way to support the intelligence of the body. When your body and emotions function optimally, you are better equipped to turn around the body’s stress drug—cortisol—converting it rather than storing it. Maintaining a state of mental and emotional well being boosts your immune system. When your immune system isn’t working properly, your body holds on to cortisol, increasing the tendency to store fat. The body thinks she needs to fill herself up to respond to stress. If you keep developing internal health, other aspects of health are likely to follow.

Make sure you are doing the right things to keep you healthy and as stress-free as possible.

Let me know if you found this post helpful.

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