"Speak up for your body!"


Although freedom of speech is a first amendment right, at what point does my right to speak judgmentally about your body infringe on your freedom to pursue happiness in your own way?

A fundamental truth behind every remark anyone makes, is their reason for making it. If it’s negative in any way, it tells us more about the person making the remark than the truth of the statement. In this era of “fake news”, sloppy speech comes easy as there are apparently no damaging consequences to the speaker.

The blowback from recent fat shaming is the challenge of body acceptance vs personal health. The truth is “real women have curves” along with a heartbeat, legs, arms, and a digestive system. How those physical elements present themselves depends on genetics, education, and cultural value systems.

As Ashley Graham acknowledged in her newest book, “A New Model”, she owes a lot of her success to the women of color who have been valued in their cultures around the world since the beginning of time. Even though our culture pressures all women to resemble the impossible Barbie image, how we differ from that impossible to achieve icon does not detract from our feminity. puts it this way “We have a personal responsibility to ourselves to be happy. We have a responsibility to play the hand we’re dealt, challenge ourselves to be better and take action on improving our lives. Nowhere is there a place for insulting others.”



Last week on the “View” a kerfuffle occurred between two conservative on-air journalists referring to the “No Excuses” movement popular among new moms who are having trouble losing their “baby” weight. Since these women are on the same side of the political spectrum, what could go wrong?


Since they agree on politics, what was left to discuss?

Bodies, fat bodies, and not on politicians, no women’s bodies!

If you are an on-air personality, you are aware that the camera can add pounds to everyone’s body. However, men can cover it with a well-tailored suit, and more to the point, their value is not determined by the size of their bodies.

On the 50th anniversary of Barbie dolls becoming our cultural icon, apparently things haven’t changed as much we’d like in terms of our gender’s value to our culture.

After an off-hand remark by Megyn Kelly approving the “no excuses” fat shaming approach to motivation, she received so much negative backlash, she clarified her remarks the next day by insisting she loathes shaming of any kind directed at any body.

Meghan McCain whose response after the original comment indicated that Ms. Kelly was dead wrong, as she knows her size has nothing to do with her job performance, or the confidence she has in herself and her body.


mind body

The Body Knowledge System goes beyond the basics of knowing your own body, into the essence of who you are now and who you want to be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year…

Your physical self is a scientific, data driven, measurement aspect of who you are. Objective, non-judgmental, and impersonal numbers on a screen or a page, your physical self exists in time and space apart from the whole that makes up you.

When the Body Knowledge System® refers to your body, it adds your spirit to that physical representation of you. That spirit is affected by energy, both positive and negative, so the same body described by those numbers can be attractive with the positive energy contributed by your spiritual self that lives in every cell of your physical body.

Your communication and cooperation with your body allows the spiritual self to affect the physical self in a positive manner. You have control over that spiritual self when you practice the Body Knowledge System®

Instead of the list of resolutions on 1/9/2018, resolve to discover the Body Knowledge System® in order to eliminate that tradition from your New Year’s celebration.

You have nothing to lose, but the regrets you feel this week when your resolutions lie neglected in the corner.



Last year

- You’ve listed your wants

- You’ve created your vision boards

- You’ve sent out positive energy daily

And, you are certain you are “allowing” it, or something better to enter your life…yet, 2017 has come and gone, and…has it happened yet.

Why not?

Ask your body, he/she has the answer.

It’s time for you to identify the hidden negativity behind your desires in order to access the power behind your positive energy to make it work for you.

- What happens if it works for you…?

- What happens if it doesn’t work for you?

- How will you feel in either case?

It’s not about fear of failure, it’s about fear of success!


Body Confidence, Your First Step!


Practitioners of the LOA know it works, they are confident it will work, and perhaps that’s why it works so well for them.There are only two basic feelings: fear and love. Fear refers to False Evidence Appearing Real and since they aren’t, sometimes negative energy surrounds them. Love is real, love is now, and love is always positive.

So, when the Law of Attraction skips a beat, the reason lies in personal fear, never love. When what you desire involves your body, your Best Friend Forever (BFF), it’s always about love.

Invitation to take short body confidence check in so you see where you are


Fear cannot exist with the presence of Body Confidence.


And returning to the intimate relationship with your body, through the Body Knowledge System®, brings back the body confidence you were born with, your birthright!

Psychologists know we are unable to hold two conflicting thoughts/feelings at the same time. So, the key to getting the most out of your practice of the Law of Attraction is to renew your relationship with your BFF, your body, through increased body knowledge.

Invitation to take short body confidence check in so you can see where you stand


“I lost the weight, but I still see FAT in the mirror!”



One of our regular listeners, and my coaching client, contacted me last week to check in after the holidays.

I sensed a hesitation in her voice, and asked, “So what’s wrong? Have you stopped your body knowledge practice, now that you’ve reached your goal?”

“No!” she exclaimed, “My body is my BFF, and we have our conversations daily.”


“My party dressed fit perfectly, in fact, it still fits and the weight I lost is still gone, and my body and I, uh, we feel great!  But…”

“But what? Is it the old saying, ‘be careful what you wish for’?”

“Sort of.” She laughs without humor. “Thanks to you and the Law of Attraction, I am attractive now! People paid me compliments, men were interested in talking to me at all of the events professional and personal, and, in fact, I had the best week of my life over the holidays!”

Now the laugh was genuine, so I joined her.

This wasn’t the first time one of my clients received evidence that the outcome was exactly what they wanted, and this wasn’t the first time I’d heard this reaction, shock, humor in the disbelief when the evidence was right there in front of them.

“Why do I still see fat in my mirror?”

Seeing fat in the mirror when she had clearly accomplished her goal was a product of her fear of leaving her comfort zone, “fat”, in the first place. Although the actual results were all positive, the negative energy originating in her fear of not being able to lose the weight, the previous failures of her attempts to get back to her “fighting” weight, or the fear of perhaps losing friends or family if she did, continued to haunt her.

“Skip the mirror for a few days. Instead use the time to practice your dance, and dance your practice, in other words focus on your relationship with your body with only positive energy. Then look at yourself and your BFF in the mirror, and remember to smile when you do!”

The subject of fear of failure when practicing the Law of Attraction was the subject of our next radio show.  After it aired, she called me to thank me again, my suggestions worked!

This New Year make your resolution to open yourself to the Law of Attraction. With body confidence, there is no longer anything to fear.

What do you have to lose?

Body Confidence LOA style at the LOA Radio network

Coach Stephanie, “Body knowledge is accomplished through renewed communication with your body. When that relationship is re-established, body confidence follows. Add the Law of Attraction and make all those dreams come true!”

To your freedom,
Coach Stephanie


Regret Your New Years’ Resolutions, yet?

Studies indicate more than 80% of those who make New Years’ resolutions ignore them less than a week after making them. So you are not alone.

Regret is a negative emotion, producing negative energy and therefore stands in the way of your progress toward your goals.

It’s a little over one week, 8 days, since you made your New Years’ resolutions to:

Check One or more:

-Lose Weight

-Increase Exercise

-Sleep More

-Bitch less

-Be Mindful by the minute…

Body Knowledge System® has no room for regrets, or resolutions, as the system practices progress for all who use it.

Resolutions are simply a promise to yourself to accomplish a goal. When you’re in constant touch with your BFF, your body, both of you get there faster. So, there’s no need to make a big deal of making one or more “resolutions.” You are, in fact, living your resolutions in every thing you do, every day.

Body Knowledge practitioners renew their resolutions daily whenever they practice their dance, or dance their practice. Because their practice establishes a direct line of communication with their bodies, there is no need to make an issue of body confidence.

Body confidence is a direct result of the Body Knowledge System®. Stay tuned to Thursday’s post for more information.


As an adult, when you develop the relationship you have with the body you were born with, you will discover that body confidence is already there and has always been there since birth. Now your challenge is to rediscover it, practice it, until it becomes a habit that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Beyond learning the perfect timing for your planning for the rest of the year, you will get the help you need making the decisions necessary for a happier life right now, today.

The help comes from the wisdom in your body that until learning the Body Knowledge System®, you have either ignored or been unable to access. Once you begin your practice, your success will build and therefore reinforce the validity of your BFF and guidance she provides in your partnership.

What a team!

Your body confidence is already there, learn to experience it as soon as you renew the relationship with your body you enjoyed in the first year of your life.


Through the Body Knowledge System®.

It’s the New Year, so give yourself a gift to make this the best year ever!

Contact Coach Stephanie today!


We all have a body clock, but it usually refers to our age and how time affects our body’s abilities to perform certain activities in peak form.

The Body Knowledge System’s® clock refers to our internal timing on a day to day basis.

Body Knowledge System practitioners know all about timing, because they work with their bodies to determine the perfect moment to begin and to end activities. Because of the constant communication between their minds and their bodies, together they set themselves up to succeed.

We acknowledge that good timing is essential to achieving our goals. Some of us use our education and intellect to determine our activity scheduling, others rely entirely on instinct, our “gut” feelings.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to use the power behind both to decide what to do and when to do it?

When you learn to communicate with your BFF on a regular basis your confidence in acting with perfect timing is assured, as is your assurance in the successful* outcome for your efforts.

*Please note, when I say “successful” I’m referring to the outcome that is in YOUR best interests, which may or may not be the outcome you desire, or expect. Another benefit of Body Confidence as the result of BKS.


The week between Christmas and New Year brings body consciousness to the forefront. Parties and events pull  out the dressy, sexy outfits from your closet. Opening packages containing pants or tops in sizes that may have fit last year, are a little snug this year.

Whoa! Don’t rush to exchange them!

As we discussed in an earlier post, sizes are artificial, inconsistent, and inaccurate as to your body, particularly your body image! Instead of trying to fit your ego and your body into a piece of fabric created by someone who doesn’t know or care about you, consult your BFF, your body for an accurate assessment of your Body Confidence!

When you dance your practice, and practice your dance, your natural state of body confidence returns in a flash. The size is not the issue, maybe the color doesn’t flatter, or the cut is wrong for your figure, the label indicating size is the LAST thing to look at when trying on a gift.

Contact Coach Stephanie to learn how to dance your practice before returning those gifts!


Everyone is familiar with the “post-partum blues” that can happen after having a baby when all the expectations of a bundle of joy meet the reality of diapers, drool, and responsibility for another human being.

The Body Knowledge System® has a cure for all the Blues!

The Blues happen after every loss in of our lives, but the day after Christmas comes with a predictable outcome: post-holiday let down.

The Body Knowledge System® has a cure for the post-holiday blues, too!

Whether all the shopping, cooking, entertaining, and clean up was your responsibility, or a shared one, the period prior to December 25th is filled with stress, dread, and expectations for the “happiest day of the year”. Regardless of the outcome, today is the day after the happiest day of the year.

If you are like most of us, your expectations usually exceed the reality of yesterday. Your sweet potato soufflé looked more like a yam pancake, your moist turkey resembled a raison rather than the plum promised by the recipe, and that very special gift you expected from your very special someone turned out to be the latest version of a food saver. Oh well, maybe next year…or the year after….

Now what?

Feel better fast!

Make a date with your BFF, and practice your dance and dance your practice!

If this is not making sense to you, contact Coach Stephanie for a free conversation on the Body Knowledge System® today!


Coach Stephanie has a gift for you that guarantees you will not only survive the parties, dinners, eggnog, cookies, candies, you will enjoy them, too!

Simply click this link, (to the Hunger Scale on the website) download the single page of instructions. Post them where you can refer to them during your holiday events when you need some guidance around the delicious holiday food and drink you encounter at the parties you give and those you attend.

This list is the guidepost for all successful practitioners of the Body Knowledge System®. After the lines of communication are open between you and your body, you will no longer need to refer to the list to know its contents. You will simply listen to your body’s wisdom and make the right choices for both of you!

Enjoy your holidays!

Coach Stephanie!

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