"Be yourself with your body; remember your body is your personal barometer."

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Where does the pain from hurtful comments on social media directed at our appearance, our image, our body or parts of it, hurt? Because reading those comments occurs in your mind, you assume that’s where the pain is, but you are mistaken.

Those criticisms and judgments are aimed at hurting your feelings, not your intelligence, and your feelings are physical reactions, not mental. If you allow the opinions of others to penetrate your mind to the exclusion of what your body knows is true, then your hurt feelings can continue indefinitely…even if you fight back.

The only way to eliminate them is to go to the source of the pain. Whether your physical reaction is a headache, tension in various parts of your body, or stomach upset, or just a compulsive repetition of the commentary, the cure lies where you feel the pain: your body.

The fast way to relief is to return your focus to where it belongs: your body. If you’ve already studied body knowledge (or more specifically, the Body Knowledge Systen®) you have your dance embedded in your muscle memory for moments of discomfort such as these.

Our motto: “Dance Your Practice, Practice Your Dance!” is the go-to solution for almost any disturbance occurring in your life.

As soon as a troll posts a nasty judgment about you or someone you love, the solution is as easy as moving your body in the dance you both created, or create a new one, and feeling better fast is the dependable result, every day, every time.

The other benefit with your body knowledge practice is it’s the direct way to discovery. To identify your true intention, your highest self speaks through your body, and as soon as you learn to listen, your body’s wisdom creates comfort for both of you.

There’s lots more to know about the Body Knowledge System® and your path to Body Confidence, so check in regularly for more information, or contact Coach Stephanie now for an informative conversation about you and your body.


In our last post, we shared what all practitioners of Body Knowledge already know: our emotions reside in our body. We think because we respond verbally either by voice or on our digital keyboards, that the reaction comes from our minds. Perhaps the details of the expression are mental, but the intention behind them is totally physical!

All the more reason to get to know your body at a more personal level. In earlier posts, we’ve discussed the power of the pause, but with current instant between social interactions online, it takes more than a simple pause to sort things out in order to avoid trouble (trolls?) online.

Certainly, a pause is an immediate positive reaction when you perceive an insult, disrespect, a slur directed at you or someone you love.

So what do you do with the pause?

Feel your blood pressure rise?

Feel your shoulders tighten?

Feel your head begin to throb as you compose an angry retort to post as soon as the pause is over?

Every one of those emotional reactions occurs in your body, but what do they mean?

Really mean: your feelings are hurt and you will react in one of three ways: flee, freeze or fight back.

Your weapon of choice will be the words you respond with online. In order to make them the right words, our recommendation is to consult with your best friend forever, your body.

How to do that, and so much more, is available to you when you access your body’s wisdom and intimate knowledge of you. Your authentic self, your best self, your true self can be discovered in ongoing communication with your body.

Learn how with the Body Knowledge System®

The Body Knowledge System® makes it easy, fun, and worthwhile in today’s digital, informational social system. For more information, please contact Coach Stephanie Wood for a pleasant conversation about how to get in touch with your intentions without fear or frustration.


As Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”  As social media intrudes in every area of our lives, the posts on FB, Instagram, SMS go beyond simple information when they elicit passionate support or criticism from the audience.

Studies indicate that when a reactionary comment appears, it’s a gut reaction rather than a well thought out response from the writer. As if the misspellings, grammatical errors, and disjointed thoughts don’t indicate what science has confirmed.

When items are shared, there is intention behind the posting. The sharer expresses an emotion when posting on any public forum, even though they may be unaware of the motivation at the time.  The more personal the share, the more emotion is behind it.

The importance of social media in our culture increases exponentially as more people sign up, subscribe, and become addicted to their online lives.

Since this medium is all about image, how do you feel about yours?

1)Do you hide behind pictures of your children or your pets, emojis, or action figures?

2)Do you post a professional head shot?

3)Perhaps your high school graduation yearbook photo?

Your answers indicate more about your feelings about your body than perhaps you know.

For the answers to those and many other questions you have about your body image, contact Coach Stephanie for a free conversation.


Robbie Tripp “tripped” up Instagram over the weekend when he posted an extended comment in praise of his wife, Sarah’s curvy body. Some have criticized his praise as self-aggrandizing, others as drawing attention to himself as a hero, rather than a sincere expression of appreciation for his wife’s physical assets.

When interviewed further about the controversy his popular post created, he said his intention was pure. He wanted to show all the women who have lost their body confidence because of the media pressure that they should be other than they are.

What a positive message!

So we who practice the Body Knowledge System® support Robbie’s message and the intention behind it!

What was your reaction to Robbie’s public praise of his wife’s body?

  1. A smile, a feel-good feeling, and a comment of support formulated in your thoughts or a response?
  2. A stab of jealousy that your significant other doesn’t feel the same, or if he or she agreed, they would never say so publicly?
  3. Anger at a MAN pre-empted his wife’s message?

If your answer was #2 or #3, you might ask yourself how you feel about your own body, then contact me, Coach Stephanie to shift the negative reaction to one of enthusiastic positive!

Oh, and please don’t miss my next post about emotional media

SIAs pre-teens, we sought the busty look popular in Sports Illustrated’s Annual Swimsuit Issue in February every year. For some of us those C, D, DD cups came true with puberty, breast feeding, or breast augmentation. With the flesh filling out our bras, came strap pressure by on our shoulders from the extra weight filling our encompassing cups.

According to a 2016 study published by Surgical Technology International, add a cup size and you’re adding 10 pounds of pressure on your upper back and neck. Focus all that weight into two skinny strands of cloth, and the painful results on your neck, shoulders and spine speak for themselves.

Ashley Graham posted on her Instagram a bikini hack by body-positive author, Allison Kimmey who created an attractive crisscross pattern over the shoulder blades to distribute the weight more evenly. Ashley posted variations (racer back, or over the shoulder) that anyone with halter strap neck pain can try.

For the rest of us who no longer find bikinis appropriate for whatever reason, there are many more bathing suit options available to provide the service we want from a garment to wear on the beach, on a boat, or in the water this summer.

The bathing suit is not the issue, as the amount of cover provided varies between a bikini and a burka. It’s not about our appearance, it’s about our comfort; physical, social, psychological. And that is a result of the conversation you have with your body when deciding what to wear this summer or any season of the year.

The conversation you have with your body provides you the confidence you want to enjoy all the fun available this summer.

Don’t know how to talk to her? Call Coach Stephanie today!


We aren’t even going to “bikini bodies” when discussing the bathing suit selection when the summer season starts. Heat, humidity, and fun in the sun is what summer is all about, and we deserve to enjoy it as much as any man or woman, regardless of shape, size, or seniority! (Bikini Body Confidence Hacks in our next post)

Accept it, there will be pressure to leave the air conditioned comfort of your condo to join friends and family by the pool, on the beach or boat. Of all the excuses you come up with, not looking great in a bathing suit is NOT an acceptable one.

Then, now, or ever again.

So, cowgirl up! Slap on the sunscreen, don’t forget the floppy hat, sunglasses, and “attitude”.

You can thank your body, for the “attitude”, i.e. Body Confidence.

Better than a bikini, Body Confidence fits all bodies, costs nothing but time and intention, and never, ever goes out of style!

So, where can you purchase Body Confidence?

Bad news is you can’t purchase it. Some things are worth more than money!

Good news is you already have it, you just have to ask your body how to re-discover it!

For help, contact Coach Stephanie Wood


Bestselling author, Roxanne Gay’s guarantees a good read regardless of the subject matter. Her recent memoir, “Hunger” explores the modern overweight woman’s conflict between hiding behind dark, loose clothing, avoiding tight spots (airline seats, restaurant chairs), and all social events involving strangers.

From a recent review in “The Atlantic”: “Though her ability to reject society’s judgment of and contempt for overweight people, while being vulnerable enough to admit that she struggles with body positivity, inspires hopefulness nonetheless… At its best, it affords women, …the right to take up space they are entitled to, and to define what that means.” :

The author’s journey reveals common conflicts we all have with our bodies, regardless of its size or shape. The facts are well-known: hunger identifies a physical need for our survival. We cannot live without satisfying that need, so where do we draw the line between sustaining a healthy weight and the over compensation that results in fat?

Roxanne’s body knew where that line was, and perhaps if she had been more in touch with her physical self, she could have avoided crossing it. Her childhood trauma began the escape into extra calories. As a successful adult, she suffers the effects of the trauma in addition to her reaction to it: unhealthy weight gain.

The combination can be deadly, not only physically but also spiritually.

The Body Knowledge System® ends the estrangement from your body, your physical self. As soon as you resume communicating with her, listening to her rather than resenting her “betrayal”, it’s an “Aha!” experience. Your body knows what’s best for both of you, and she is ready, willing, and able to help you relieve your pain and fulfill your dreams.

Just ask her.

Contact Coach Stephanie for a Free Consultation


The Law of Attraction is energy. The practitioner expresses positive or negative energy in words.

As the childhood rhyme says, “Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” According to the Law of Attraction, that is a lovely rhyme, but is not real, or true, as negative words can hurt you emotionally. Internet trolls know this very well. Their negative commentary on your personal postings damage your feelings which is their intention in the first place.

When you apply the Body Knowledge System®’s action orientation to the Law of Attraction’s emphasis on positive energy, you discover an impenetrable defense against attacks on your person for today, tomorrow and into the future.

Positivity is the essence of the Body Knowledge System®’s practice. Every move you make, every thought you think, every word you say contributes to the positive outcome you seek

In short, the Law of Attraction’s Words PLUS the Body Knowledge System®s Action = Personal SUCCESS for you!


Professional Choreographer, Dancer, Fitness Trainer, Business,  Wellness and Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Stephanie Wood developed the Body Knowledge System® for her classes and clients who were out of touch, and out of patience with their bodies.

Stephanie believes our bodies are a source of joy, information, and personal wisdom. Her professional life focuses on accessing every body’s wisdom. Our physical self provides valuable clues about self-care and our life choices. This was not an overnight discovery, rather the result of her professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, personal trainer, and fitness expert. Equipped with education, personal, and professional experience, research and perceptive observation, Stephanie created the Body Knowledge System® as the New Sustainable Solution to her clients’ challenges with their bodies.

Listening to her clients’ needs and body image concerns, she realized the traditional approach to diet and exercise was not as effective as a whole body, holistic approach. Her focus shifted from coach/teacher–client/ student relationship to having her clients befriend their bodies, so that the two worked and/or played together for their mutual benefit.

This perspective is especially important as we age.


Enough speculation, enough living in a crouch waiting for the next nasty comment from someone you really don’t know, or if you do know them you have no reason to continue to know them; rather than un-friend them, or blocking them from access to you (probably impossible to do anyway), do nothing. Instead, focus your positive energy on yourself: what you want, how you intend to achieve it, and then take a single positive step toward that goal.

That shift in your focus from outside influence to your inner purpose will create an immediate improvement in your mood, your outlook on life.

For those of you who have accepted the Law of Attraction without experiencing immediate positive results when it concerns your degree of Body Confidence, I have a reason for this. The Law of Attraction is about energy rather than action. Certainly, you can attract what you want for yourself, or something better, by focusing on it. I believe it takes more than a mental exercise in positive energy.

It takes action!

When you add the Body Knowledge System®’s practice to the Law of Attraction you get positive results much faster than either of those methods alone.

Want proof?  Contact Coach Stephanie Wood for a conversation at NO CHARGE to you.


Thanks to some popular, successful celebrities, Ashley Graham, Tara Banks, Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, who look more like we do than the ultra-thin, very young women we see on screen and in magazines, a new appreciation for our bodies has replaced the harsh criticism from media pressure to conform to an unrealistic ideal.

So, where did the trolls come from?

Who gave them permission to inflict their opinions on you?

As soon as you posted your face, your body, yourself visually online you exposed your vulnerability to those who take pleasure from putting others down. Mistaken, they believe the negative energy they put into bullying you will somehow convert to positive energy propping them up.

Not so. Whether you accept the Law of Attraction or not does not change the reality of negative energy having any effect on its target, rather it always reflects on the troll who created it.

Every time a troll’s target accepts the comment as true, or worse sends a nasty barb back, it increases the effect of the original nastiness on both parties.

Instead of reacting in kind, try no reaction at all.

That does not imply agreement or acceptance, rather refusal to react at all.

It’s an eastern concept to simply step aside and allow the missile to pass you by, and it works!

Eventually, no reaction will rid you of the troll and its energy.

Not so easy, you say.

No, nothing worthwhile ever is.

The outcome you want is to stop feeling bad about yourself as your real response to the troll attack. The Law of Attraction provides one solution, the Body Knowledge System® provides a long-term solution to body shaming, and all other troll attacks.

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