"Your body speaks up for you when you do not speak up for yourself."

Do you ever ask yourself….

‘How can I lose weight and still feel comfortable in my body as we are in the process of transforming each other?’


The other day I was talking with a friend. She mentioned a time in her life when she weighed about 20 pounds more than she ever had.

My immediate thoughts:

I was waiting to hear her shame her own body with phrases like,

  • “I look so disgusting.”
  • “I hate myself in the mirror.”
  • “I just want to look skinny again.”

But here’s what surprised me!

She talked about her body with respect and love. She said she didn’t feel as healthy or strong with the extra weight. She said she stopped caring for her body the way she had before.

In other words, this friend was listening to her body rather than judging her.

This is the core of the Body Knowledge System®. She gets it and practices it. Yeah!

This is the process I want for those of you who are listening and want to know more.


So, instead of setting out to lose weight and get thin again, she set out to love her body by listening to what she needed. And the result was feeling comfortable with the weight her body and she wanted. I am so excited for my friend!

Side note:

She said the results were not overnight, but she believes that by reconnecting with her body and embracing her Body Knowledge System® Style she redefined her relationship with her body to create the new process of eating to allow each other (her and her body) to breathe and find a common ground of acceptance.

During this process of implementing and acknowledging her Body Knowledge System® Style she simply spoke of how amazing she feels! And she also likes how she looks.

And by knowing her Body knowledge System® Style the weight loss was easier and looking and feeling with her body had renewed energy and acceptance.

Check out the link above for the Body Knowledge System ® Style guide around Eating and You.

How to Attract Your Better Body Image with Coaching

What Else

Everyone knows the first answer to a personal question is rarely the best answer rather it’s the answer that comes off the top of your head when asked anything about yourself. For instance, “How are you?”, “Fine, or good, or OK” are the standard responses whether we have a fever of 101*, just received a speeding ticket, or are nervous about an upcoming job interview. To get to the central issue requires a few follow up questions, i.e. “really?”, “You don’t look ‘ok’”, or “Why are you sweating? It’s chilly in here.”

Your Best Friend would ask you those follow up questions. I know one thing for sure, when talking to yourself about your body, there is NEVER a follow up question, because you think you already know all of the answers about your own body, and some of those answers leave you feeling bad and therefore are not right.

In my years of coaching experience, I understand the hesitation in prying into those nooks and crannies of a painful past, shameful self-image, or reluctance to change behavior. However, if improving your body positive image was easy, there wouldn’t be all of those articles, interviews, speeches from celebrities and others about body pressure to be perfect. Not a perfect you, rather a perfect beauty like those you see in the media.


Few of us have the courage or confidence to stand alone against the social pressures aimed at selling us perfection through various products and services, and yet, when we buy into that marketing, the results are like putting lipstick on a cat. The lipstick may be a beautiful color, applied artfully, and enhances the skin tone—but the lips still belong to a cat! It’s not enough to succumb to other people’s standards for other people for you to achieve confidence; the only way to have the presence confidence inspires is to discover it within yourself. That’s where your body has the knowledge to create the poise you seek. Now all you need do is access it.

The good news is you are not alone. You are not alone in your frustration to elevate your confidence through a better body image; not alone in feeling shame around those extra pounds; not alone in the fear that arrives with every new candle on your birthday cake; and not alone as soon as you make a habit of including your body in your everyday life. I mean learning to talk to her, listen to her, and share with her on a regular basis.

Until you master your personal body knowledge system, you will be missing all the benefits your body brings to everyday of your life. And that’s where a Coach comes in to guide you, support you, and help you accept yourself for the wonderful unique individual you are! When done well, it’s not a painful process rather it’s a delightful journey to self-discovery.

“And what else?” is there to the process…

“And what else?” is the body positive question to ask when you want to get to clarity. It’s the one question you should be asking yourself, and probably aren’t, in order to clarify how you and your body want to be in the world. Using the Law of Attraction, the practitioner identifies what she really wants for herself through the contrast to clarity process as it applies only to herself, not to some idealized version of someone else.

When you accept your body as your friend, in fact your bff (best friend forever), it’s a short step to feeling good about your appearance.

Friendship implies acceptance, as well as a sincere desire to want what’s in your friend’s best interest. Applying the contrast to clarity Law of Attraction principle works when you arrive at the answer that satisfies both of you, you and your body.

To achieve your positive body image faster:

  • Include your body in the conversation
  • Include the powerful question, “And What Else?” into the process
  • Practice feeling good about yourself daily

PS: what begins on the inside, shows on the outside.

I encourage you to include your body in your search for clarity.

After attending my popular class by phone, ‘Resist exercise? Want to know Why?,’ my client Martha called to ask me to help her find an exercise or exercises that would work for her, long term.

“It’s not about “Just Do It!” I said quoting Nike’s famous slogan, “It’s about asking your body what she wants to do to accomplish the same thing.” I truly believe that when you learn to ask your body what she wants, the two of you will get on the same page, and start achieving the things you desire!

Using the contrast to clarity principle to narrow the possibilities, getting the answers from Martha and her body, we determined what movement suited BOTH of them to achieve a positive body image.

For instance:

  • What movement makes you feel good?
  • Do you prefer working out alone, with another or others?
  • When do you enjoy exercise?

Let’s take the first question: What makes you feel good?

  1. Sitting, and what else?
  2. Walking, and what else?
  3. Stretching, and what else?
  4. Floating, and what else?
  5. Scuba, and what else?

Soon, it became apparent that Martha was not into anything involving exertion, or sweat or at least, her answers didn’t indicate “exercise” in the physical sense of the word. So, it was time to include her body in the conversation.

After getting used to the idea of her body as separate, an equal, and full of great advice, Martha asked her body the same question:

What movement makes you feel good?

  1. Moving gracefully, and what else?
  2. Dancing, and what else?
  3. Winning!, and what else?
  4. Swimming underwater, and what else?
  5. Body tired from productive motion, i.e dancing, tennis, Scuba

Aha! Martha’s body held the final answer for both of them: Productive movement, with or without an element of competition.

The second part of the important question is…..Listening for an answer

In personal and professional relationships, we all know the first answer is not the only answer, and rarely the best answer. That’s why remembering the question – And what else? as a follow up question always provides deeper answers until you reach the heart of the issue.

Listening for your body’s answer to the powerful question, “And What Else?” requires another shift in your perspective. It forces you to listen for the answer from your body rather than override her input with your first, second, or third response. Where your body image comes from is more than your thoughts and feelings about your body, it begins within your body and it’s time or past time you begin to listen to her to get to the final answer for both of you.

As comfortable as you are being in control of your life, include your body by asking her this follow up question so that you are forced to relinquish your power over her as you await her answer.  Better body image coaching is not an either/or, black/white, yes/no process between two opposing entities who have not communicated with each other since childhood. Rather it is a process of reestablishing the intimate relationship between you and your body you had as an infant—the most effective and efficient way to activate the Law of Attraction.

The answers to this question are between you and your very best friend, your body. So there’s no need to shy away from the difficult questions about what you want for your body, and perhaps are “afraid” to ask? The basic principle of improving your body image through coaching is total trust and ease of communication between you and your body. The openness between whatever question you ask of your body and the answers you receive will create the positive energy to actually accomplish your basic goal: Body Confidence.

Look Forward to Attracting, then Announcing Your Positive Body Image

Working with a body image expert coach can provide a short cut to the process of accepting your body as your Best Friend. Allowing the coach to repeat “And what else?” until you provide the real answer to the question in the safety of the relationship eases the transition to establishing the intimate relationship you and your body had at birth. Working with your body you understand what you do not want (contrast) and you become clear on what you do want and that clarity attracts it easily. When you include your body in the process, you double the positive energy behind your unified efforts to reach the same goal.

The simple tool, the question ‘and what else?’ allows you to go beyond the superficial into the heart of your desires, not someone else’s desires for you. Acknowledge your individuality when applying the Law of Attraction to achieving what you want out of life, when your goals are authentic and true to you, that positive energy glows!

listen to your bodyHey there,

It’s Coach Stephanie, and this week I’m here to tell you that Body Talk 101 (from Body Knowledge System ®) is NOT the same thing as Body Language.

If you’re interested in learning more about Body Language, you can choose from hundreds of books on Amazon that cover that topic.

But what we’re doing here is Body Talk 101, from my Body Knowledge System®.

Allow me to elaborate.




Body Talk refers to the direct exchange of information between you and your body.

Your body is your best friend, and conversational Body Talk® gives you a way of communicating with your body to bring about immediate, tangible, material, and positive CHANGE!

But first you must (re)establish the intimate contact with your body that you were born with….

So let’s cover the basics of how you do my BKS ® Body Talk exercise:

This week’s BKS ® Wisdom Within teaches us about Body Talk…

  • Body Talk refers to the direct exchange of information between you and your body.
  • Body Talk is sharing & listening to hopes & wishes with your best friend, your body.
  • Body Talk inspires Body Action to guarantee Body Confidence


No additional bullet today. Instead of reading about taking action, why not schedule a time that I can help you practice this Body Talk technique?






This is important because with me as your Coach, we can facilitate this conversation so that the two of you are truly clear with your intentions for both of you. It is this conversation in the moment which makes it truly profound.

The Body Talk Basics are meant to be experienced, not just read about! So click the link below to get started with your no-cost conversation with me.

Click here to get started .

Why not also join our online community?


This online community creates a safe place to regain your Self Esteem through a sustainable system of body knowledge and your body’s wisdom. It’s a lot of fun!

Here’s how to join this private, no-cost google + group:

1. Use this form to contact me and enter “Google Plus Group” in the comments.

2. Then look for my personalized invitation to join us! [Body Confidence Community with Stephanie Wood]

Talk to you soon,


This week I want to share some crazy results from a recent study with you.  The study – from Vanderbilt and Cornell Universities – looked at women, wealth and their weight. And guess what it found?




Jobs involving face time and interaction with others go to the more attractive, fit, thinner women and come with higher starting salaries as well as opportunities.

High paying

The lower paying jobs, many requiring physical actions, go to the overweight women who tend to remain there until age, retirement, or marriage interrupts their career.

Cornell Professor, John Cawley’s, study found that indeed weight is inversely related to pay… and the same effect does not pertain to men in the same professions.




So, what do you think? Are overweight women destined to work lower paying jobs till the end of time?

My answer: HECK NO!

What if the job you get (or don’t get) wasn’t dependent on weight, but on how you carry yourself? On your energy? On your self-esteem?

The focus is ‘how you carry yourself.’ For example: At a social event when a woman walks in with a glow and a happy disposition, graceful body movement and infectious smile and spirit that transforms the whole room…? Do you comment on her figure?

Again my answer: Heck no!

This is what I want for all of us as much as possible….even when you are alone

Remember: you are always in control of your self-esteem.

And if you feel like your weight is negatively affecting your self-esteem… let’s have a conversation. I’ve got some strategies to help you with that.

 Contact me to set up a time this week! Or comment about this below!

It’s Stephanie and this week I want to speak with you about superheroes. Yep, that’s right… superheroes.


Everybody’s familiar with Superman and Batman of course, but I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of Wonder Woman?

As you can see in the picture, Wonder Woman has a very confident posture… let’s call it “the power position”.

And you know what’s interesting about the power position?




Research has actually shown that assuming that position – even for just two minutes – can increase testosterone levels by 20% (which boosts confidence) while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels by 25% (which reduces anxiety).

Isn’t it crazy that simply changing your posture can increase your body confidence and decrease your anxiety?

(Well, it’s not so crazy to me… I’ve been aware of this for many years! 




When you wake up tomorrow, why not assume the power position for two minutes? Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and stand confidently.

See if this practice affects your body confidence in a positive way… and if it does, let me know!

P.S. I’m launching my Body Confidence Community with Stephanie Wood for women who want to revitalize their body confidence with a sustainable system.

And as a bonus: sending out contest information so you can get involved with each other in this community. It is a good thing. It is all about community and supporting each other.

I’m sure over the years you have received some great advice or given it.

Well recently I decided to have a contest to see what great advice other Wellness Professionals might be willing to share. The contest was sent out through Self Growth a leading health and wellness site.

The contest had great responses and I want to share one with you that really spoke to me. It comes from Gigi Blackshear (


My best tip is that when your spirits are low, take 10 minutes and stand in front of the mirror. Look beyond your face and into your own eyes.

Most of us don’t look at ourselves long enough to see the beauty that lies within. We see imperfections and either turn away or begin to criticize ourselves.

However, if you look past the imperfections and past the bad hair day hair, if you look into your own eyes long enough you will begin to see the beauty that we were all created with. The beauty of your spirit! It is there, just look deep enough! It will smile back at you and say that You are enough! Exactly the way you are! Beautiful from the inside out!

What wonderful advice don’t you think?

It’s important to feel good about yourself and communicate with your body.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Coach Stephanie Wood


I’m sure you’ve noticed (as I have), that…

The older you get, the more your body changes (sagging skin, added weight, wrinkles, etc.).

And after age 35? You start to notice it even more.

So, what are your options?

  • You could ignore what really makes you sad when you look in the mirror.
  • You could go for laser treatment or plastic surgery
  • Or you could throw out everything delicious in your pantry

And frankly, none of those sound great to me. How about you?

So, instead here are a few reminders for you:

  1. ENJOY every delicious bite to the UTMOST.
  2. Work WITH your body to let you know when you’ve eaten enough.
  3. Appreciate your whole self, especially as you age

Need some guidance with these reminders?  I’ve got lots of experience on this topic.
Anyone can read a few tips… the tough part is implementing them.

Let me coach you through this! Contact me before July 31st and you will receive a 45 minute Self-Acceptance as you Age’ coaching session for half price! (That’s a $75 value)

Let’s go deeper on this, and make it a practical reality in your life!

mind body

When you’re hungry or tired, do you listen to your body or to your mind first?

Here are a couple of examples so you know what I mean.


Scenario #1: When to Eat

Your body says: I’m hungry!

Your mind says: You’re going out to dinner in an hour and a half! You know you’re not supposed to eat before dinner!

Your body says: But I ran errands, worked out, and cleaned up the house!  I’m not gonna make it over here!

Your mind says: Please just hold out and wait for your Supper.
Who wins?


Scenario #2: When to Rest.

Your body says: I’m tired!

Your mind says: Tired? We have a plan, remember? You told me you’d walk the dog today!

Your body says: But I’ve walked the dog six days in a row! It’s Sunday, and I want a break!

Your mind says: A break? Are you kidding me? Get that word out of your vocabulary. We’ve gotta go, go, go!
Who wins this one?

Interesting scenarios huh? So what would you do if I told you I can help you make those negotiations with your mind and body a much easier process?

Yes, you are one in the same with your mind, body and spirit but each one has a different objective.  The Body Knowledge System™ can help you.  Contact me with your challenge and we can set up a free Healthier You Consultation at your convenience.

Learn how to answer this question for yourself – when I am hungry or tired, I will listen to _________.


I believe we have a love/hate relationship with the number on our scale so I invite you to take my Body Image Survey and share your tips for changing your relationship with your scale.

But first here are my three tips to stop your love/hate relationship with the number on your scale.

  1. 1. When you say: “Oh My God! I cannot bear to look at the number on the scale!”
  2. Tip: Don’t look! Move around and dance with your body and enjoy how she (he) feels. 
  3. 2. When I see the number on the scale, I make a judgment that it is not to my liking!
  4. Tip: Acknowledge that your body may enjoy being at this specific weight but become more aware of your food portions 
  5. 3. I feel my clothes are a ‘scale’ as well….so does that make me less of a person with what I am in the world?
  6. Tip: Your body is your best friend and having a relationship with her (him) will bring you closer to how you want to present yourself in the world in the clothes you feel most comfortable in.

Bonus Tip: Look in the mirror and notice how you feel in that outfit. Your body is your best friend and having a relationship with her will bring you closer to acknowledging how she looks in the mirror and how you feel…versus fixating on ‘the number’

Love your scale

If you have a 4th tip, I’d love to hear it and in return I’ll give you a strategic healthier you consultation for free!

But you can take control today and I can help you get there!

I invite you to take this quick Body Image Survey so that you can become clearer.

The way you see yourself is not merely an issue of physicality. It involves the total you: Body, Mind, and Spirit. The numbers on the scale are objective. They provide standards of measurement. So, why do we let ourselves feel so awful over a number?

Free yourself from what is holding you back from being happy with YOU!


How big of an impact do these numbers have on the way you see yourself?

If these numbers are bringing you down, please read on!
From birth, we’ve been sized up by numbers. Right after you get a name, you get a height and weight.

And from then on, numbers continue to play an integral role throughout your lifetime.

Whether it’s your mom’s opinion of how you look, or your doctor telling you to lower your cholesterol (not saying you should not watch your blood test numbers), the numbers keep popping up.

But today, you can take control. And I can help you get there.

Send me your ‘number’ challenge and I will gift you a Healthier You consultation…for free!

The way you see yourself is not merely an issue of physicality. It involves the total you: Body, Mind, and Spirit. I invite you to take tis quick Body Image Survey so that you can become clearer.

Numbers are objective. Numbers provide standards of measurement.
So, why do we let ourselves feel so awful over a number?

For instance, how do you feel every morning after stepping on the scale in the bathroom?

You have an ideal number in your head, so if your scale doesn’t reflect that number, does that put you in a bad mood for the rest of your day? Why is that number important for your body image?

Wait! Let’s address that in the comments below or with a conversation over the phone.

Free yourself from what is holding you back from being happy with YOU!

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