"Your body is not the enemy."

I’m sure over the years you have received some great advice or given it.

Well recently I decided to have a contest to see what great advice other Wellness Professionals might be willing to share. The contest was sent out through Self Growth a leading health and wellness site.

The contest had great responses and I want to share one with you that really spoke to me. It comes from Gigi Blackshear (


My best tip is that when your spirits are low, take 10 minutes and stand in front of the mirror. Look beyond your face and into your own eyes.

Most of us don’t look at ourselves long enough to see the beauty that lies within. We see imperfections and either turn away or begin to criticize ourselves.

However, if you look past the imperfections and past the bad hair day hair, if you look into your own eyes long enough you will begin to see the beauty that we were all created with. The beauty of your spirit! It is there, just look deep enough! It will smile back at you and say that You are enough! Exactly the way you are! Beautiful from the inside out!

What wonderful advice don’t you think?

It’s important to feel good about yourself and communicate with your body.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Coach Stephanie Wood

New BeginningA couple days ago I told you about one of my favorite clients, Cathe (not her real name), volunteering to open up and share her progress (and setbacks), her ups and downs, her challenges and triumphs during our coaching calls for the 3 weeks.

Cathe is a normally shy person but professionally successful single mother who shares the same struggles as the rest of us. By opening up her process to getting the happiness she wants and deserves, she feels others will benefit by knowing they are not alone—and what better time to begin than the New Year.

These events and their outcomes will resonate with you, perhaps you can identify with them, and certainly you’ll learn from them beyond the value Cathe’s received from learning to love her body through our time together…

My clients encouraged me to share our times together…and with the permission of those clients the edited transcripts help others discover the benefits of the Body Knowledge System™. Here is the transcript from my week 1 call with Cathe.

Come to the call…
for a risk free peek into my coaching process with Cathe.

Cathe: I eat all the right things, I take the steps instead of elevators, and I move my body AND I feel gross, I FEEL FAT!!! I counted every calorie; I parked in the farthest spot in my office lot; kept accurate records of every calorie I burned at the gym; and I wrote down how full I felt after every meal—as if, lettuce, celery and fat free salad dressing can be considered a “meal”? !

Coach Stephanie: Ok, what happened last week that was different?

Cathe: How can I appear as the keynote speaker on the annual company cruise when my power suit zips up my muffin top?

Coach Stephanie: So, what is your body trying to tell you?

Cathe: (a slight whine) I am fat? My head, my calorie calculator, indicates I’m starving.

Coach Stephanie: Is this about your body, or about speaking on the company cruise?

Cathe: ( pause) In spite of everything I know about calories in, energy out, my body gains weight when I really, really need to lose a few to look my best on the speaker’s platform…Professionally this is a great opportunity, a plus…a promotion.

Coach Stephanie: And personally?

Cathe: (long

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pause) My kids. I’ll miss my daughter’s basketball playoffs…and my son’s Parents’ Weekend at the University…

Coach Stephanie: I hear you. The sadness in your voice. About not being there for your children.

Cathe: I’m the sole support for them…I need to go on that cruise!

Coach Stephanie: (laughing) If the cruise was to the Gulag would you still feel so ambivalent?

Cathe: (a pause, then a hoot) Honestly? No.

Coach Stephanie: That’s your body speaking, right?

Cathe: Yes…my body always speaks the truth.

Coach Stephanie: Of course she does.

Cathe: Oh! Its 5 minutes to the hour…what do I do?

Coach Stephanie: What does this weight gain, your body, trying to tell you about your speaking engagement, this cruise conference?

You can experience the same thing by joining one of these teleclassesfor a risk-free peek into my coaching process.

January 15, 2013 at 3pm Eastern – Learn How to Include Your Body with Your Work

  • Become someone who connects their mind to their body and really knows what the right answer feels like.

January 29, 2013 at 3pm Eastern – Learn that the “E” Word (Exercise) is Easy and Fun

  • Learn how to naturally incorporate exercise into your pre-existing lifestyle.

Look for my next email week to find out how Cathe answers my last question and read more about her progress in our coaching calls. Until then, feel free to comment or ask questions on my blog, Facebook, Twitter or by email.


Your Presence is a present to the world

You are unique and one of a kind

Your life can be what you want it to be

Move in your unique rhythm each day and night

Count your blessings, not your troubles

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

Allow yourself to express yourself fully

What dreams can you bring alive today

Decisions are too important to leave to chance

Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize

If you were not worrying, what would you be doing, learning or experiencing

Is a problem worth carrying in your body?

When taking yourself seriously, move, laugh and feel lighter

What is the gift in a challenge or loss?

Remember that a little love goes a long way; remember that a lot goes forever

Remember that friendship is a wise investment

Life’s treasures are people together

Realize that it is never too late to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way

Enjoy Health and Hope and Happiness

Take the time to wish upon a star

… And yes! Remember every day how very special you are!

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