"Speak up for your body!"

New BeginningA couple days ago I told you about one of my favorite clients, Cathe (not her real name), volunteering to open up and share her progress (and setbacks), her ups and downs, her challenges and triumphs during our coaching calls for the 3 weeks.

Cathe is a normally shy person but professionally successful single mother who shares the same struggles as the rest of us. By opening up her process to getting the happiness she wants and deserves, she feels others will benefit by knowing they are not alone—and what better time to begin than the New Year.

These events and their outcomes will resonate with you, perhaps you can identify with them, and certainly you’ll learn from them beyond the value Cathe’s received from learning to love her body through our time together…

My clients encouraged me to share our times together…and with the permission of those clients the edited transcripts help others discover the benefits of the Body Knowledge System™. Here is the transcript from my week 1 call with Cathe.

Come to the call…
for a risk free peek into my coaching process with Cathe.

Cathe: I eat all the right things, I take the steps instead of elevators, and I move my body AND I feel gross, I FEEL FAT!!! I counted every calorie; I parked in the farthest spot in my office lot; kept accurate records of every calorie I burned at the gym; and I wrote down how full I felt after every meal—as if, lettuce, celery and fat free salad dressing can be considered a “meal”? !

Coach Stephanie: Ok, what happened last week that was different?

Cathe: How can I appear as the keynote speaker on the annual company cruise when my power suit zips up my muffin top?

Coach Stephanie: So, what is your body trying to tell you?

Cathe: (a slight whine) I am fat? My head, my calorie calculator, indicates I’m starving.

Coach Stephanie: Is this about your body, or about speaking on the company cruise?

Cathe: ( pause) In spite of everything I know about calories in, energy out, my body gains weight when I really, really need to lose a few to look my best on the speaker’s platform…Professionally this is a great opportunity, a plus…a promotion.

Coach Stephanie: And personally?

Cathe: (long

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pause) My kids. I’ll miss my daughter’s basketball playoffs…and my son’s Parents’ Weekend at the University…

Coach Stephanie: I hear you. The sadness in your voice. About not being there for your children.

Cathe: I’m the sole support for them…I need to go on that cruise!

Coach Stephanie: (laughing) If the cruise was to the Gulag would you still feel so ambivalent?

Cathe: (a pause, then a hoot) Honestly? No.

Coach Stephanie: That’s your body speaking, right?

Cathe: Yes…my body always speaks the truth.

Coach Stephanie: Of course she does.

Cathe: Oh! Its 5 minutes to the hour…what do I do?

Coach Stephanie: What does this weight gain, your body, trying to tell you about your speaking engagement, this cruise conference?

You can experience the same thing by joining one of these teleclassesfor a risk-free peek into my coaching process.

January 15, 2013 at 3pm Eastern – Learn How to Include Your Body with Your Work

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January 29, 2013 at 3pm Eastern – Learn that the “E” Word (Exercise) is Easy and Fun

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Look for my next email week to find out how Cathe answers my last question and read more about her progress in our coaching calls. Until then, feel free to comment or ask questions on my blog, Facebook, Twitter or by email.


Holiday eatingAlthough hurricane Sandy has taken its toll on the Northeast including a lack of electricity for a couple of weeks now at my current residence, I wanted to let you know that I’m still able to offer my free tele-classes to you over the coming weeks!

The holidays can be a stressful time so now more than ever, it’s important for you to pay attention and connect with what your body is telling you.


November 17 at 2:30pm – Learn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 10 at 3:00pm – How to Listen to Your Body during the Holidays – Body Talk 101

  • Make exercise an enjoyable part of your day!
  • Jump off your weight loss plateau!

December 15 at 2:30pmLearn how to Bring Your Body to the Party, Eat, and Be Merry

  • Get control of your eating patterns during any event.
  • Envision your body and you having joy plus control when in new environments or away from home

December 18 at 1:00pm How to find time for Movement with your body during this Holiday Season

  • There’s a relationship between your personality style and what exercise works best for you.
  • Discover your ideal movement/exercise style so you’re empowered to create a fitness strategy that you will look forward to everyday!


Make this Holiday season different.  Let me hold your hand through Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that by the time New Year’s Eve hits, you can still fit in that black dress that you look so good in.  

So if you know this is right for you . . . if you know it’s exactly what you’ve needed over the Holidays for a while now, get started today by clicking on the session you want above!

If the dates or times of these free group teleclasses are not convenient for you, contact me directly so we can create a date and time between us so that you can still experience and practice this Holiday Material.

Little Black DressWith the black dress in mind.

Holiday stressIt’s true that for some folks, the Fall season is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  But for others, it’s also the “most fattening time of the year”.

My question to you: Why does it have to be one way or the other?

Maybe you’re worried about gaining the five, dreaded holiday pounds.  Maybe you’re torn between enjoying all of those holiday goodies . . .

. . . and worrying about if you’d ever recover from your indulgence.

The holidays can be wonderful, but also stressful on many levels.

However, with the right practices in place, you can:

  • Say NO to weight gain over the Holidays
  • Stop the struggle between your body and your food
  • Learn how to make this part of your lifestyle forever
  • And avoid the holiday stress!

So, I’m offering a 90 minute Lifestyle Holiday Retreat on Saturday November 10th at 2:30pm Etd to help you zero in on solving the challenges specific to this special time of year. You’ll get the information you need . . . exactly when you need it.

Sign up here!

In this class we will:

  • Address the areas around food, exercise, & family relationships that help us feel good or bad.
  • Learn three specific Body Knowledge System® skills to help you find the choices that fit you.
  • Have time for you to ask questions and get guidance on your needs.

If you’re tired of just “getting through” the holidays, then free yourself and join me for a 90 minute Teleseminar by telephone, in the comfort of your own home on November 10th 2012 starting at 2:30 pm Eastern.


When you sign up before October 26th you will also receive a no cost ‘Healthier You’ Session with me. Schedule it now. Again you must sign up before October 26th to receive this session for absolutely no cost.  It’s my holiday gift to you.

PS. Can’t stand the weight gain and want to enjoy the Holiday Season? Then read on….

Let’s begin to be best friends with our bodies…

Here is what I know to be true:-)

  • As you maintain communication with your body, you’ll discover your style by applying principles that will liberate you and away from other peoples’ standards.
  • You will shift your emphasis from outside yourself and your body back where it originated and still belongs: within yourself.
  • As you practice being more clear about your relationship with your body, you can adapt to any event.
  • You will see life benefits that extend beyond what you had considered pertaining only to the body— exercise and eating. You may see that you deeply enjoy your work when you are in an authentic, thriving partnership with your body. You may find more sacred connections in your everyday life— connections that weren’t apparent before.

Sign up today!

To your Health and Happiness,


DancerYears ago, I was fresh out of college . . . and with my drama degree in hand, I decided to up and move to New York City, unsure of what was next — but knowing that I had to do it and give it a shot.
But then reality set in.  In fact, it hit me over the head.  Standing in line after line, in the cold rain, in the dark alleys, always thinking, “This time it’ll be different . . . this time I’ll get the job.”
But every time . . . the loud faceless voice came from behind the lights and yelled, “GET OFF MY STAGE! …NEXT”.

Now THAT is rejection— Is it any wonder we all fear it?


Humiliated and discouraged…decided that I’d had enough.

I wasn’t myself anymore.  I was sad, I was tired, and I was hungry.

But there was NO WAY I was giving up on my dream of dancing, performing and choreographing. Then something inside told me, “You can make your dreams come true…just try it somewhere else.”

So, I did.



Dance freelyI crossed the river to New Jersey and started fresh.  
After experiencing so much, I decided it was time to create an environment where women didn’t have to experience the same rejection that I went through.

So I created choreographed dance/exercise routines held in Churches/ Temples/ Elks Clubs and Hotel conference rooms where I could have dance studios all over New Jersey and within a few months, I was leading hundreds of women to find the dancer inside themselves.

They were able to express who they were, in a safe place, without ANY fear of rejection.
They were getting fit and being happy with no outside judgment; pure bliss for them on the dance floor of life.



I want you to experience the same freedom that every single woman in those rooms felt.  Dance FreelyIt is time to cast off the chains that have enslaved your mind and your body for far too long.  It’s time to ditch the burden that weighs heavily on you each and every day.

This is about freedom with your body.

And because my life’s mission is to help women rid themselves of the chains and burdens that enslave their minds and bodies . . .
. . . I’m putting together a small, intimate, tightly-knit group of women who are ready to make that transition — from slavery to freedom.
If not now, when?

Sign up for a conversation with me (where you learn more about this sustainable, fun system).

Body Knowledge System® is a sustainable, fun system where you learn and practice tools and techniques where you craft life’s dances in all areas of your life to happily dance on the stage of Life!  Find out more!

Come aboard! Its time!  Make an appointment with me to have a conversation to make sure this path is right for you now.

healthy lifestyleHere is a sample of more conversations I have been having with those who are experiencing the Healthy Lifestyle Resource Kit

Q.  What’s the difference between my “body brain” and my “brain brain”?

A.  When my client referred to her “body brain” on the audio, she referred to her body’s intelligence— the essence of my system.  When we respect our body’s innate intelligence; learn to access and share it; learn to communicate back and forth, we will co-create a body knowledge system that works for you.

 -Dana S, Parker Ranch, CO

Q. What do you mean by “separation”, “estrangement” between me and my body?  I can’t go anywhere without her…

A. Nor can I, however,  I am ALWAYS CONSCIOUS of her presence where ever, whenever we are, and whatever we are doing while we’re doing it. Her support, her friendship, her input creates the life we both love!

-Leslie L, Frisco, TX

Q. When you talk about personal Styles, do you mean behavior?

A. Yes, and choices, activities, decisions you make based on so many factors genetically and environmentally influenced.  Some of us are RE-ACTORS who try the latest fad diet, exercise craze, shoe style foisted upon us by the media. Others are PRO-ACTORS, the pioneers, the seekers who keep trying any and everything until they find something that works—for a while. The Styles express your natural selection, intrinsic solutions, in other words, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

-Mildred Q, Philadelphia, PA

My system teaches you how to identify your style in every area of your life, and then how to incorporate it into your life. One Style does NOT FIT ALL, and may not apply to every area in your life…find out which style fits each activity with Your Body Knowledge System.

Go here and get it now!

Your Personal “Fun Factor” always guarantees a great time!

Regardless of your role at the event, put the JOY back into en-joy-ment!

JoyFACT: You will be relaxed, happy, and enjoy any event as soon as you discover your Style and apply it to your role at the event.  Ask your body, ‘Are we having fun, yet?’  Your answer depends on your personal comfort zone…beyond the physical; your comfort zone includes your emotional, spiritual and psychological state, as well.

Your body never lies. When you listen to her answer, you learn what you feel like in your comfort zone anytime, anywhere, with anyone.  My clients check in with their BFFs, their bodies on a regular basis by asking that most important question: “Are we having fun, yet?”

Events & You

GuestAs an invited guest:       

  • Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and a smile.
  • Just before entering the event, dance your practice, practice your dance
  • Control your consumption of food and alcohol
  • Keep your foot far from your mouth
  • HAVE A GREAT TIME meeting new people and catching up with familiar friends and family

As the hostess:                

  • Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and welcoming smile.
  • Dance Your Practice and Practice your Dance.
  • This is YOUR party so do it YOUR way!
  • Decorations, Food, Drinks, and Favors are simply a conversation away—with YOUR BODY.
  • There is Magic in Motion:

    • You and your body circulate to create associations among your guests;
    • Spread your positive energy around;
    • Steer potential friends toward each other, potential enemies away from each other; and
    • Set the fun example, by having a GREAT TIME at your own party!

As the honored guest: 

  • If you’re the bride, take off your Jimmy Chou’s after the ceremony and replace them with bunny slippers!
  • If the attention on you creates discomfort, help the hostess with her social obligations. Helping always contributes to increasing your fun factor!
  • If you LOVE being the FOCUS of everyone’s attention, DO NOT DISAPPOINT! Talk to your body and ENTERTAIN THE TROOPS with song, dance, speeches, and pictures of your last vacation! (I’m kidding about the pictures)

P.S.  When you “Dance your practice, practice your dance!” the whole world dances with you!

Do this to increase EVERYONE’S FUN FACTOR!


If you would like to have a conversation with me, please contact me, or if you would like to be in a free group tele-class, learn more here.

EntertainingWhen you apply the Body Knowledge System®, you and your body will host a very successful event with confidence, because you are doing it your way! When you obligated yourself to provide the celebration, you owe it to yourself to celebrate with your guests. When you have a great time, a glorious time; your guests will share in your spirit, especially the affection everyone has for the HONORED GUEST.

  1. Become the generous hostess who provides all your guests people with all of the food, frolic and fun but please yourself and your body first—
  2. Work WITH your body when making decisions as to the Who-What-Where-When-How of the event. What makes her feel good, makes you feel good, too.  Fun for you, means fun for your guests!
  3. You are NOT responsible for anyone’s expectations, only your actions

No Early Bird Specials, Chez Stephanie!

Me timeI truly enjoy entertaining guests in my home. Rhythm (my body) and I take great delight giving dinner parties, because we schedule “Me Time” to take care of ourselves first.  After spending the morning giving to myself first, by the time the first guest arrives, Rhythm and I welcome them into our home in eager anticipation of giving to others.

PS: Why stop the celebration when the door closes behind the last guest?

Dance Your Practice and Practice Your Dance to keep the spirit going, and the spirits flowing.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, please contact me, or if you would like to be in a free group tele-class, learn more here.



Weddings, Graduations, Anniversary Parties, Class ReunionsFACT:  Events occurring in June contain four of the top ten anxiety inducing situations (marriage, family changes, debt and travel).  When you’re stressed, your body has one of these three reactions:

  • Freeze, Flee, or Fight. 

Regardless of your specific response to stress inducers, your body’s reaction is always an extra dose of cortisol which slooooooowwwwwssssss your metabolism almost to a stop.

The result? FAT!

Celery or Chocolate Éclairs: regardless of what you eat, when you are stressed, you will get the most “bang” possible from every bite.

How ironic that when you want to look your best for an upcoming event, your body betrays you.

No! NOT TRUE! It is YOU who betrays your BODY!

The Body Knowledge System® is the Stress Solution for Event Anxiety.

1)      Body talk keeps it real.

2)      Comfortable clothes create confidence, enhance enjoyment, and reduce stress!

3)      Make each event easy on yourself…you are a guest, not the main attraction.

RSVPClient Story

Dahlia felt her stomach tighten as soon as she saw the return address embossed on the creamy linen envelope containing an invitation to her niece’s elaborate June wedding in Beverly Hills, CA. Aware of the upcoming event for months, she had dreaded this moment due to the family’s expectations.  Her hand shook as she stared at the RSVP card. Taking a deep breath, she reached for her copy of the Body Knowledge System®. Flipping it open to page 288, she read the introduction to the “Events & You” chapter. Her heartbeat slowed as she continued reading the reassuring words and the notations she had made in the margins. By page 308, she felt her smile return as she reviewed her notes addressing this event. Those notes were a product of her rediscovery of a real relationship with her body and the deep friendship that had been developing since she began to practice the Body Knowledge System® with her coach, Stephanie Wood, PPC.

Remember: Whether it’s a family event, or a networking opportunity, or a party with total strangers, or people you really don’t want to be with, BKS has a hot flash for you:  JUST SAY NO, THANK YOU!  And feel your anxiety slip away…taking the cortisol with it.

As an alternative, send a gift, and spend the day at the beach, the movies, or with a good book.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, please contact me, or if you would like to be in a free group tele-class, learn more here.

Myth-stakes for May

MYTH: “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is a commonly accepted “myth” that creates false expectations for both months. According to the national weather service, measurable rain fall has less to do with the calendar and everything to do with climatic conditions…which vary from year to year and place to place. For instance, in Hawaii other tropical climates, every month produces ageless blossoms.

May FlowersFACT: Regardless of when or where flowers appear, we appreciate their fragrance, color, and the promise of eternal youth.

My Story

“You need a lift,” said the sales person as I was shopping for a new dress for my 55th birthday the last day in April.

After trying on several selections, I found the right one. Smiling, I emerged from the dressing room and asked for her feedback of my selection. Watching her face closely for a reaction, her expression was of stunned surprise, not smiling-not frowning, simply staring straight ahead.

“You need a lift,” she hissed, as she pointed a well-manicured index finger at my breasts.

Huh?” I responded.

“If you intend to wear that dress out in public, you need a better bra…”

‘Better’ as in ‘perky’, as in ‘uplift’, as in ‘younger’—BG, or Before Gravity.

Five years ago, B BKS, or Before Body Knowledge System®, her remarks would have reduced me to tears.

Now? No way! Today, it’s MY WAY!

BKS® identified my comfort level and provided me with the confidence to understand where she was coming from without any need or desire to react to her issues.

One FlowerFor a woman who resists the effects of each passing day on her appearance, this salesperson’s May flowers may never bloom.

And what a tragedy that would be…

Because if she were aware of the support her body gives her every single day, she might accept, even welcome, the comfort her body wants to provide.

Body Knowledge System® supports YOU, your way.


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remarks are her issue, not mine—

Her perception indicates her estrangement from her body, and the support it’s there to provide, if only she’d open herself to the BKS® option.

Learn more about the origins, the seeds of your judgments, when it applies to others…then tune in to your personal Body Knowledge and smell the flowers…


Unlike May flowers that are dependent upon the soil, sunshine, and rain,

the flower that is you is never dependent upon the weather or the environment, or

someone else’s opinion of your appearance.

Your outcome stems (pardon the pun) from your input: body, mind, spirit!

I would love to hear your comments.

To your health and happiness,


Re-invent yourself by re-connecting to your body.

This month marks more than turning a page on the calendar.  October signifies a shift in the seasons, too.  In the Fall…

  1. The leaves change color
  2. TV shows change time slots
  3. The students change grades, and sometimes schools.

 Running in the FallAnd you change into warmer, and sometimes larger, clothes.

 Mother Nature controls the firs point, network executives control the second, and teachers control the third.

You control your clothing choices. Regardless of the season, often you achieve your body’s comfort zone with your clothing choices.

For the sun worshippers: With your last swim, you put away your bathing suit. You replace last summer’s cover-up with cable sweaters, baggy sweats, and swirling skirts. You smile in relief with the knowledge your days of exposing yourself to the scrutiny of the others on the beach or at the pool are over…for now.

For the sun avoiders: You relax in the knowledge there will be no more invitations to pool parties to regret, no more hiding in your home or office until it is “safe” to transition to another environment, no more squinting, sneezing from allergies, and no more sweating.

Fall is an ideal transition between the two extremes of summer’s and winter’s uncontrollable temperatures as it eases you from thin, light weight to thick, heavy weight clothing. Prior to covering her up, take advantage of this shift in seasons to get to know your body…before she goes into hiding on her way to hibernation for the winter.

Fall is the time to declare a truce with your body.

We practice this in the Body Knowledge System®

Here are some reminders but please feel free to add more by contacting me.

  • STOP covering her up i.e. Allow her to breathe with pride
  • STOP confronting her in the mirror i.e. As you see her let her know how much you love her
  • STOP corrupting her with excess i.e. Practice thinking of her needs first
  • STOP condemning her with every thought and word i.e. Remember she hears you, be careful

Re-invent yourself and reacquaint yourself with your body, your Buddy. Your body is there to help you, not hinder you. Your body works very well WITH you, FOR you, and always in your best interest. Getting to know her comes with body knowledge. Familiarize yourself with her as she renews her relationship with you. Teamwork, partnership, and support between you and your body accomplish miracles.

A new moon, a new month, a new season leads to a new you. Go with the flow of the calendar and change yourself with the season.

Full moonRe-invent yourself and reacquaint yourself with your body, your Buddy. Your body is there to help you, not hinder you.

Before September’s shift from summer to fall, we enjoyed that last burst of heat and sunshine present in Indian summer, the last kiss of the sun prior to the rains and snows of the upcoming seasons. Regardless of where you live, your climate, your urban or rural environment, when summertime fades into fall, the heat recedes into the past season.

Summertime heat affects you and your body in many ways. For some of you the warmth is welcome as you peel off layers of clothing to welcome the weather. Some of you peel off extra pounds from the winter hibernation, too. Others fill their days with good intentions to fit into last year’s bathing suit, then eventually give up and buy the next larger size when August fades into September. Labor Day signifies the swimming season is coming to a close, so all those good intentions fade with the colors of the leaves and you’ll lose those pounds, get in shape for next year’s swim season.

Part of your procrastination is a result of the warmer weather’s effect on your motivation. There’s a reason tropical climates are more relaxed than seasonal ones. As the sunshine warms us naturally, it also mellows us to not take ourselves so seriously. Vitamin D3 comes from the sun and is known to affect our physical and psychological well- being. In northern climates, physicians recommend supplementing our diet with D3 during the other seasons.

Increased temperatures create excessive perspiration. We need to drink more water to maintain our physical and mental health. Dehydration is not only depressing, but also dangerous to our well-being. Since your body is mostly fluid, when you lose too much you lose vital minerals as well and it weakens every aspect of you. Your immune system becomes unable to fight off infections without the minerals you’ve lost in your increased perspiration.

Increased humidity in the summer can also take a lot out of us—not just moisture. As the water content of the air increases, so does the swelling of your extremities: feet, ankles, and hands, fingers. Perhaps the number on your scale remains within 5 pounds of your desired weight, but your clothing seems to shrink as it covers moist, sticky skin. Increased humidity brings your sunny spirit into the shadows, as if you retreat in order to return to your comfort level.

Skin damage from the sun’s rays age us prematurely and is a known source for cancers. Even though the sensation of warmth on our skin elevates our spirit as it colors our skin, too much of any good thing can be toxic. Whether sun worshipping is a part of your daily summertime routine or available only over the weekend during breaks from your office work, it is one of the pleasures available to us during that cheerful season. Vacations, road trips, beach picnics, long weekend holidays, family reunions are all part of that season of expansion, growth, and relaxation for some of us.

Blooming flowerSpecifically, like flowers some of us open to welcome the rays of the sun on our skin. Others detest the results of summertime heat on the way we look, the way we feel, and the way we move. Some of you bounce from bed, climb into your bathing suit or sundress, slather yourself in sunscreen, and then skip outside with the early rays of the day. Others pull down the blinds, turn down the a/c, and reach for a cold drink to wait for the relief sunset brings.

Summertime heat and all that sunshine can energize you if you respond well to it, or it can drain and depress you by restricting you to the darkness of indoors. The seasons change and regardless of how you feel about summer, you resist change because you are a human being.

Change is the only constant; and seasonal change is as radical as the climate you live and work in. For those in the tropics the change is hardly noticeable, for those in more temperate climates, the transitions between seasons can be subtle or radical depending on the current weather patterns.

Re-invent yourself and reacquaint yourself with your body, your Buddy. Your body is there to help you, not hinder you.

Your body works very well WITH you, FOR you, and always in your best interest. Getting to know her comes with body knowledge. Familiarize yourself with her as she renews her relationship with you. Teamwork, partnership, and support between you and your body accomplish miracles.

A new moon, a new month, a new season leads to a new you.

Go with the flow of the calendar and change yourself with the season.

Change with the Calendar