"Be yourself with your body; remember your body is your personal barometer."


A + B = C

Attraction + Body Knowledge = Body Confidence!

That algebra equation is years behind all of us, but the validity of its results continues to be true today! As a Body Confidence Coach combining the principles of “Attraction” with the practice of my “Body Knowledge System®” the result has yielded Body Confidence, with a capital “C”!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, and how I apply it in my Body Knowledge System® coaching practice, I have clarified these 2 methodologies below☺

The Law of Attraction is based upon contrasting your negative thinking into the energy of positive thinking. My Body Knowledge System® takes that one giant step farther with a practical way of including your body in this process.

1.  Identify what we want to attract into our lives: Body Confidence.

2.  Identify what we don’t want in our lives: Body Shame.

3.  Apply positive energy, as found in the Body Knowledge System® to achieve Body Confidence.


The Missing Piece in Law of Attraction is the Body Knowledge System®


My Body Knowledge System® enters the equation with intentional focused ACTION to achieve your goal with Practical components to help you feel that body confidence can be easily accessible all the time on your own terms.


Body Confidence Begins with Your Body!

In fact, to fully use the power available in the Law of Attraction, the first step is to communicate with your body to determine the intentions you both want to achieve. After all, she is your BFF, and she knows what’s best for both of you!

Once you agree that body confidence is a missing part in your life, and is therefore a reasonable and achievable intention; shame around your body dissolves immediately.


Enter the Body Knowledge System® and Instant Body Confidence!


At first, you may think that your body has little or nothing to do with the practice or performance of the Law of Attraction.

And where does your energy reside? In your body, of course!

All the cells, organs, synapses rely on energetic connections to perform the functions we need to live and grow in health. Within your body is the solution to creating the life you want as soon as you can harness all that energy and focus it in a positive direction.

Begin with your personal Body Knowledge to experience Body Confidence in a practical and sustainable process.

In a nutshell ( summation)

The Body Knowledge System® depends on pure positive energy from you and your body to get what you want.  The relationship you establish with your body determines the expression of all energy emitting into the universe.

The results from your Law of Attraction practice depend on the quality of the energy you are sending into the universe.  How can you expect results from a practice that totally relies on the positive energy you emit for it to work, when you ignore your body as the origin of all your energy?


Yes, we often take our bodies for granted when all parts are functioning normally. She gets us up in the morning, provides the energy to get us to work and play, and allows us to do the “heavy lifting” physically, mentally and emotionally in our daily lives.  And when we notice we’re tired from the daytime activities, she puts us to bed at night.

Let’s not overlook; she provides us the focus to practice the tools and techniques of Law of Attraction for the process to benefit us. Our bodies provide us the commitment to our intentions.

Body Confidence Begins with Your Body!

If we communicate with her effectively, we understand the patience it takes to achieve those intentions. In many ways, it is our bodies who determine the success of those goals.

How can we expect success in our practice of the Law of Attraction without an intimate knowledge of our bodies? We need to know her wants, needs, desires, and most of all, her knowledge about achieving what’s best for both of us.

It’s not as hard as it seems, in fact, it’s easy and should be the first step in anyone’s practice of the Law of Attraction to maximize, and yes, speed up the positive results of your process! If Body Confidence is your objective, your first step should be learning about the Body Knowledge System® and applying it immediately.

After developing the Body Knowledge System® to serve my coaching clients’ needs for a sustainable solution to their issues with their bodies, I realized that as soon as their intentions were clarified, they blossomed with renewed body confidence. Body issues dissipated which created a sense of accomplishment. All is good.

To your freedom,
Coach Stephanie



A simple formula that works for more than acquiring body confidence,

A + B = C.  Beyond the first simple equation we learned in Algebra 1, and thought we’d never use again, yet there’s a reason those letters linger in our consciousness into adulthood. Regardless of what each letter represents, the result of the formula is true. Simply combine A and B in order to get C.

In this case, if you combine the law of Attraction with the Body knowledge system, the result will always be body Confidence. As a lifestyle coach for over a decade I have taught my clients the Body Knowledge System® with influence of the Law of Attraction built into the process…because both practices use the power of positivity.

The message is as simple as ABC, when you apply positive thinking to the Body Knowledge System®, good things happen.

Find out how by contacting Coach Stephanie Wood for a conversation about your Body Confidence!


The Law of Attraction works well for those who understand it, and as a certified Law of Attraction Coach, I understand the Law of Attraction and want to share it with you.

The Law of Attraction is a method of getting us what we want, or something better. As explained in a popular video, “The Secret”, over a decade ago, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. It’s basic karma: express positive feelings and receive positive results in return.

There are three basic principles:

  1. Identify what you want
  2. Eliminate what you don’t want
  3. Open yourself to receiving your desire or something better.

The problem with the basic formula is it overlooks a necessary element: action. For the Law of Attraction to be effective, the practitioner must take action. Without the energy action produces, there is no re-action (a primary law of thermodynamics). So without action, there is nothing for the Law of Attraction to use to return the desired results.

If you’re reading this, you are interested in acquiring Body Confidence for yourself. If you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, yet it is not delivering the results you want or expect, I have the solution for you: the Body Knowledge System®.

Beyond vision boards, meditation, and daydreams the Body Knowledge System® is the action that energizes the Law of Attraction for your Body Confidence!

How’s your summer going? For many of us, summer vacation is right around the corner.  And, unfortunately or fortunately some changes often comes with the territory.

You know what I’m talking about, right?



The Vacation Dilemma


The ultimate vacation dilemma may be temptations and schedule changes that might get you off with your relationship between your body’s wants and needs and you.

Do I eat everything and then feel gross and guilty, or do I stick to the nutritional values me and my body have created.

From cold beers on the beach, to platters of fried fish and tartar sauce, to quaint little ice cream shops on the walk home from dinner, there are countless opportunities on vacation to wreak havoc between you and your body’s intentions for each other.

It might feel like there’s no way out, but there is.


The“Way Out”

I’m proposing a new approach to food while in different environments such as a vacation. One that allows you to enjoy vacation without losing control or depriving yourself of food and fun. My Body Knowledge System® Styles in my Playbook will help you get back in tune with your body rather than relying on your mind to know what she needs.Once you’ve rediscovered the close partnership with your body you can trust your body to tell you what she wants and needs in any environment where changes influence your healthy choices.


Here are some choices on how to begin:


My latest free eBook will help you take the first step towards that.

Bonus: Know your Body Knowledge System® Environmental Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing being aware of how your environment effects your eating habits and how you can match your style with your environment so that you and your body are in concert .

When you have Body Knowledge, you can eat on vacation just like you eat year round, without fear of overdoing it.

I encourage you to join me on this journey to freedom and enjoy this summer’s vacation without food-related stress!

Get started here


The other night, my husband and I made a delicious dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with a salad. We ate and we enjoyed and I was full.  Funny thing is, I was hungry again two hours later.


I asked myself, “Should I be hungry after eating such a luscious balanced meal?”

I even went so far as to worry that eating something in addition to my dinner would make me gain weight.


My Body Knowledge wisdom between you and your body eating in a conversation:


Thankfully, after a few minutes I was able to overcome how my mind thought my body “should” feel and just pay attention to what me and my body needed.

Note: This article will not be getting into balance of carbs and protein for your body or emotional eating loopholes

Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership

Rest of Story

I grabbed some lemon yogurt and sat down to watch a show with my husband. When I felt satisfied again, I put the yogurt away.



My coaching Message to you is this:


There are all kinds of “shoulds” our culture wants us to believe about our bodies.

From what time of day we should be hungry to what kind of workouts we should be doing, we are faced with constant pressure about how we should treat our bodies if we want to look a certain way.

The truth is, no one knows what your body needs as well you and your body does! Tap into the fountain of health knowledge inside you and discover true body confidence for good.

My latest free eBook will help you take the first step towards that.

Bonus: Know your Body Knowledge System® Eating Style by downloading this part of my playbook to get you practicing what eating looks like between you and your body in partnership.

A recent study from Harvard University revealed the one word that is used in an online dating profile that is a turn-off to potential dates, male or female is….wait for it:




This contradicts common sense, lyracists, and the law of attraction.

“Everybody loves a lover,” right?

Not so, say the online social scholars at Harvard University. When you post the word “Happy” as part of your profile, expect a pass from those who may like your face, your background, your interests, you!

At the heart of Body Confidence is happiness, that feeling of contentment with yourself as expressed in your posture, movement, and speech is attractive to others. At least to others you hope to impress, or attract.

The Law of Attraction is based on raising your vibration so that you will attract what you want, (happiness), not what you don’t want, (loneliness). Raising your personal vibration means being “happy”, or at least acting as if you are happy.

The bottom line is always who do you want to spend time with? A positive, happy person or a Debbie Downer!

Body Confidence is always positive, so never be afraid to say so—just don’t use the word “happy” when registering your online dating profile. ;)

(Part One of the Spring Blog Series about the benefits of age and body image.)

body confidence

Body Confidence evolves from a positive body image, but which comes first?  From, “”Body image” is the way that someone perceives their body and assumes that others perceive them the same way.

Fortunately, as we age the second part of that statement loses its influence.

As young women we were led to believe that our body image reflected the current cultural standards for beauty as addressed in the media. To the degree our body conformed to those standards, our body image rose or fell. That may have been true during our youth when fad diets, exercise programs, and hip fashions occupied most of our attention. Changing our appearance was as easy as dying our hair, changing our makeup, or buying a new outfit and was all about our image…not our body or who we were.

Older women know it takes more than a change of clothes, or a new hair cut to better one’s body image. We also acknowledge that weight comes naturally with each passing decade, and that the 22 inch waist of our teens and twenties has relaxed with the arrival of each child, and that regardless of the number on the scale, the appearance of the pounds on our frame has shifted. Sure, surgery can take care of what the effects of exercise leave untouched; but that’s a drastic solution to a naturally occurring change.

Besides, the person within is the source of the confidence, and not our external trappings.

Those external changes had nothing to do with body confidence which as an internal transformation can occur at any age.

The best part is we have total control over our body confidence. True body confidence begins within us and emerges in a vastly improved body image…at any age. Others reactions to our improved body image serve to energize our body confidence. And the positive cycle begins again, your body confidence is a renewable resource!

Of course Body Confidence matters, and the Body Knowledge System® shows you the way!

As women, we need to see that the value of who we are in the world and not be dependent of how the media expects us all to live up to certain advertised body images (not that you shouldn’t look the best you can).  Personally, my body shape is ever changing and during the past year I have been compelled to speak out.

Today, I’d like to share with you my empowering “5 Fast Steps to a Better Body Image” Ebook!


Within our tabloid culture (of which are 63% male writers) we are bombarded with the same type of body images to emulate and follow.  The same habitual messages of how we (yes! us women) should look are perpetuated everywhere we turn.  This tabloid culture is motivated to use the same tactics around defining women solely on their appearance because the articles and pictures sell!

I am taking a stand for my Body and I want for you to stand by me and your bodies. Let us contribute to this movement together.

First step!  Change your mindset!

My Body Knowledge System® gives you practical steps to define yourself with better inner body confidence messages and abandon feeding into any body shaming.  We owe it to ourselves.

So download my new eBook today.  It’s a short read of only 33 pages for $7.95.  Start today!

Hey there,

It’s Coach Stephanie, and this week I am sharing ‘body acceptance’ choices from my “Natural Beauty Series” where we compare a Natural approach with a Conventional approach to body acceptance.

The Conventional approach teaches us we must strive to reach someone else’s idea of a “perfect” body.

The Natural approach teaches you to be happy with who you are and to celebrate your true self.

My hope is that you’ll learn to find freedom in the different areas that we discuss. Remember it is your choice to pick whatever approach you desire.



Body Acceptance is exactly what it sounds like: it is learning to accept and embrace your body’s style (The Natural Approach). Your body’s style is how you emanate the way you walk and talk and communicate with yourself and others in a way that makes you feel so good.

On the other hand, cultural influences tell us that we need to change our bodies and alter our appearance to ‘fit into’ the visual images we see in magazines, billboards, movies and TV. This is what I call The Conventional Approach. If we allow this outside pressure to dominate how we feel about our body and interfere with how we present our self to the world and our self we will be miserable.

Many of my clients are thriving as they learn to practice Body Acceptance. And it’s because of this one easy tip I’ve shared with them.



I encourage you to look at visual images that show all body sizes and shapes (just go to the grocery store and you will see all body shapes and sizes). Pay attention to all the different heights, shapes and sizes. Note the different hair styles, hair color, types of skin, etc. Focus on what breaks the standard of beauty, not what conforms to it.

Practice this and become more empathic with yourself and others. The bottom line is to feel and be healthy at whatever weight you and your body feel comfortable with. If and when you chose to change your size and shape then you will independently take those steps and choices to make whatever changes you desire.

I encourage you to be aware of outside cultural influences that make you second-guess your choices.

It is about you and your body in partnership ( Body knowledge System ®) to make the best choices for how you eat and move and showcase your talents to the world.

As Lillian Bustle, a well know burlesque dancer, once said:

“The more body diversity is normalized in our minds, the kinder we can be with ourselves and with our bodies”



Here’s a practical example of what it looks like to practice Body Acceptance and live with a posture of confidence.

Let’s consider Barbra Streisand when her career first got going in the early 60s, potential managers and agents worried that she wouldn’t fit the bill of a traditional female pop star.

Honestly, they were worried about her nose.

140 million albums sold later, nobody’s worried about the nose.

  • Presence begins with a positive body image.
  • Your body’s wisdom projects that image through expressing the respect you have for yourself.
  • And thereby, you attract positive energy from those around you.


So far over the course of this Natural Beauty series, we’ve looked at makeup, pro-aging, and now body acceptance.

I’ve shared this Natural Approach with you, because I think it will help you and me to find a lot of freedom in how we interact with our bodies. And again if the Conventional approach is good for you, go forth.

Look out for more conversations with understanding your natural beauty forthcoming.

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments below.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more natural beauty tips.

Talk soon,

This summer learn how to connect with your body and feel beautiful inside and out. Become comfortable with your body, wherever you are!

Here is the video of my May 7th class. This class covered two techniques that will carry you through the summer barbecues, beach parties, pool lounging events and beyond.

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