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Read each bullet and put the number of sentences that apply to you in the box.

Organized (O)
You are at your best when everything is in order.
You are punctual. You are committed to being on time.
You like rules, regulations and routines.

How many of these sentences apply to you?

Analytical (A)
You love complexity, it fascinates and challenges you.
You take a concept, break it down, study it and explain it to others.
You enjoy working out problems.

How many of these sentences apply to you?

Spontaneous (S)
You see life as fun. You like to play.
Your strategy is always changing.
You are not attracted to rules and regulations.

How many of these sentences apply to you?

Inspirational (I)
You thrive in environments where people learn.
Your spirit lifts when others look to you for inspiration.
You are creative.

How many of these sentences apply to you?

Which categories have the most sentences that you identify with? The two styles with the most chosen are your dominant body knowledge styles!

Understanding your styles will help you understand how to listen to your body to make the best food choices between you and her. Plus, when you hit SEND, I will give you a free blurb from my book on how to incorporate Body Knowledge System® styles into making the right food choices.

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