"You are allowed to disagree with your body."

Exercise not your ‘cup of tea?’

Exercise not your cup of tea?Ok, you know all the benefits of moving your body regularly with fun and enjoyment…and you still are not putting exercise into your lifestyle.

So let’s experiment with moving your body with a new perception.

It’s about forming that relationship with your body…give him/her a name…just so that you see him/her as a separate identity.  In this way you acknowledge and cater to her/his needs.

For example, if I came over your house as a guest for one week…and specifically told you I needed support to move my body and take her out for a walk and do some weight lifting daily…wouldn’t you make sure I moved forward with that intention?  Of course you would and without any hesitation!

So this is the same formula you can use with your body.  See her as a separate identity and give her exactly what she deserves!

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